AJ26072 Connecting Environments

Filozofická fakulta
jaro 2019
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Stephen Paul Hardy, Ph.D. (přednášející)
doc. PhDr. Jana Chamonikolasová, Ph.D.
Katedra anglistiky a amerikanistiky - Filozofická fakulta
Kontaktní osoba: Tomáš Hanzálek
Dodavatelské pracoviště: Katedra anglistiky a amerikanistiky - Filozofická fakulta
Út 16:00–17:40 L42
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Cíle předmětu
The course will consider approaches to relations between social, cultural and natural environments through consideration of a series of late 20th century perspectives on these areas, namely Manuel Castells, Arran Gare, David Harvey,and Andrew McMurry, as well as relevant aspects of the work of post-war Anglophone poets,specifically T.S. Eliot, Edward Dorn, and J.H. Prynne.
Výstupy z učení
By the end of the course students should have gained a better understanding of the nature and implications of relations between natural, geographical, urban, social and political environments in the later twentieth and early twenty-first centuries and related elements of metaphysics and poetics.
  • Week 1: Feb: 19th: Introductory Week 2: Feb 26th:David Harvey: The Condition of Postmodernity:Part II; T.S.Eliot: Four Quartets: Burnt Norton and East Coker Week 3: March 5th:David Harvey: The Condition of Postmodernity:Part III: T.S. Eliot: The Dry Salvages and Little Gidding Week 4: March 12th:Arran Gare: Ch.1:Postmodernism and the Environmental Crisis: What is Postmodernity?: Manuel Castells: The Rise of the Network Society: Ch.1: The Information Technology Revolution; Ch.3 The Network Enterprise. Edward Dorn: The North Atlantic Turbine: A Theory of Truth: The North Atlantic Turbine Week 5: March 19th: M.Castells: Rise of the Network Society: Ch.6&7: The Space of Flows and Timeless Time; Ed Dorn: Oxford: Parts I-V Week 6: March 26th: A. Gare: Ch.2.Post-modernism and Post-structuralism; J.H. Prynne: Kitchen Poems: The Numbers, Diamonds in the Air Week 7:April 2nd: A. Gare; Ch.3.Post-Structuralism, Marxism, and the Environment:J.H.Prynne:Kitchen Poems:Numbers in Time of Trouble: Sketch for a Financial Theory of the Self; A Gold Ring Called Reluctance Week 8:April 9th:Andrew McMurry: Environmental Renaissance Ch.2: Systems Theory, Cybernetics and Self-organization; J.H. Prynne: The White Stones: Airport Poem, The Holy City, The Glacial Question Unsolved; A Note on Metal Week 9:April 16th: READING WEEK: NO CLASS Week 10:April 23rd:A.McMurray Ch.3: Emerson's Environments; Postmodern Metaphysics;J.H. Prynne: Brass: Royal Fern, L'Extase de M. Poher, The Ideal Star-Fighter Week 11:April 30th: Castells: The Power of Identity: Chs 1,6:Identity and Meaning in the Network Society; The Crisis of Democracy Identity J.H. Prynne: Wound Response: Treatment in the Field, Cool as a Mountain Stream;Of Movement Towards a Natural Place; Chromatin Week 12:May 7th:G. Deleuze and F. Guattari: A Thousand Plateaus : Rhizome (avaialble on internet)Manuel Castells: Communication Power: Ch.1 Power in the Network Society; Ch.3. Networks of Mind and Power;J.H. Prynne: High Pink on Chrome Week 13:May 14th:A.Gare:Chs.4&5.:Postmodern Metaphysics;Towards a New World Order: J.H. Prynne: The Oval Window
  • Castells, Manuel: Communication Power Oxford OUP 2013
  • Prynne, JH: Poems Fremantle/Newcastle Bloodaxe 1999
  • Dorn, Edward: The North Atlantic Turbine London Fulcrum 1967
  • T S Eliot: Collected Poems London Faber & Faber 1963
  • CASTELLS, Manuel. The rise of the network society. 2nd ed. Malden: Blackwell, 2000. xxix, 594. ISBN 9780631221401. info
  • CASTELLS, Manuel. The power of identity. 1st pub. Massachusetts: Blackwell Publishers, 1997. xv, 461. ISBN 1557868743. info
  • GARE, Arran E. Postmodernism and the environmental crisis. London: Routledge, 1995. vii, 192. ISBN 0415124794. info
  • HARVEY, David. The condition of postmodernity : an enquiry into the origins of cultural change. Cambridge: Blackwell, 1990. ix, 378. ISBN 0631162941. info
Výukové metody
The course will be taught by means of short lecture, small-group full-group discussion.
Metody hodnocení
Assessment by attendance and oral contribution (40%) plus 7-10 page essay (60%). One copy of the essay should be submitted to my address in the IS and one to the IS vault.
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