ESA191 Form and Content as Aesthetic Categories

Faculty of Arts
Spring 2020
Extent and Intensity
1/1. 4 credit(s) (plus 1 credit for an exam). Recommended Type of Completion: zk (examination). Other types of completion: k (colloquium).
doc. Mgr. Rostislav Niederle, Ph.D. (lecturer)
Guaranteed by
doc. Mgr. Rostislav Niederle, Ph.D.
Department of Aesthetics - Faculty of Arts
Contact Person: Ing. Ivana Vašinová
Supplier department: Department of Aesthetics - Faculty of Arts
An Introduction to Philosophy An Introduction to Aesthetics
Course Enrolment Limitations
The course is also offered to the students of the fields other than those the course is directly associated with.
Fields of study the course is directly associated with
there are 17 fields of study the course is directly associated with, display
Course objectives
Discussion of both key concepts of aesthetics starts with their explication at Aristotle, Plato, and Poe or e.g. Lev Vygotskij. With regard to certain understanding concepts form and content particular literary or fine art works are analyzed.
Learning outcomes
Student is able to analyze formal and/or content features of work of art.
  • Plato Aristotle Plotin Augustin St. Thomas Hume Hanslick
  • ARISTOTELÉS. Poetika. Edited by Aristotelés, Translated by Milan Mráz. Vyd. v Antické knihovně 1. Praha: Svoboda, 1996. 226 s. ISBN 8020502955. info
  • HANSLICK, Eduard. O hudebním krásnu : příspěvek k revizi hudební estetiky : Vom Musikalisch-Schönen (Orig.). 1. vyd. Praha: Editio Supraphon, 1973. 137 s. info
  • PLATÓN. Symposion [J. Laichter, 1947]. Vyd. 3. (1. vyšlo v Otázkách. V Praze: Jan Laichter, 1947. 93 s. info
Teaching methods
Lectures which requires homework preparation in reading the assigned study literature. After teacher's presentation of the general and particular features of the subject, students are guided to interpretation of the chosen extracts, and class discussions follow.
Assessment methods
Ending the course: 1. 80% attendance; 2. written test on the basis of Hanslick, Eduard. O hudebním krásnu : příspěvek k revizi hudební estetiky.
Language of instruction
Further comments (probably available only in Czech)
Information on completion of the course: test na základě látky přednášek a zadané literatury
The course is taught annually.
General note: Obecné podmínky ukončování kursů Semináře estetiky.
Information on course enrolment limitations: posluchači estetiky Bc., kteří začali své studium před více než čtyřmi semestry, musí mít splněnu postupovou zkoušku (ESAPZE), jinak si nesmí předmět zapsat
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