MED50 Intensive Study Course

Faculty of Arts
Spring 2021
Extent and Intensity
0/26/0. 4 credit(s). Type of Completion: z (credit).
Giorgio Cadorini, Dottore in Lettere, Ph.D. (lecturer)
Mgr. Juraj Franek, Ph.D. (lecturer)
Mgr. Markéta Macura (lecturer)
Mgr. Lucie Mazalová, Ph.D. (lecturer)
Mgr. et Mgr. Markéta Melounová, Ph.D. (lecturer)
Mgr. Jana Mikulová, Ph.D. (lecturer)
doc. Mgr. Petra Mutlová, M.A., Ph.D. (lecturer)
doc. Mgr. Katarina Petrovićová, Ph.D. (lecturer)
Mgr. Petra Poláková (lecturer)
doc. Mgr. Irena Radová, Ph.D. (lecturer)
Mgr. Jana Steklá, Ph.D. (lecturer)
doc. PhDr. Daniela Urbanová, Ph.D. (lecturer)
Mgr. Nicole Votavová Sumelidisová, Ph.D. (lecturer)
Mgr. et Mgr. Tomáš Weissar (lecturer)
Guaranteed by
doc. Mgr. Katarina Petrovićová, Ph.D.
Department of Classical Studies - Faculty of Arts
Contact Person: Jitka Erlebachová
Supplier department: Department of Classical Studies - Faculty of Arts
Prerequisites (in Czech)
KRBcA01 Greek Grammar I || MED17 Practical French I || MED23 Practical Spanish I || MED29 Practical Italian I || LJ101 Latin Grammar I || LJBcA01 Latin Grammar I || SOUHLAS || MEDBcZk B. A. State Exam || MEDMgr05 Modern Greek Seminar I || MEDMgr21 Practical Italian III || ( TYP_STUDIA ( N )&& OBOR ( LJ )) || OBOR ( LLS ) || MEDMgr13 Practical Arabic I
Course Enrolment Limitations
The course is only offered to the students of the study fields the course is directly associated with.

The capacity limit for the course is 32 student(s).
Current registration and enrolment status: enrolled: 0/32, only registered: 0/32
fields of study / plans the course is directly associated with
there are 46 fields of study the course is directly associated with, display
Course objectives
The aim of the course is to provide an intensive study course outside the university rooms focusing on reading an translating texts under the supervision and tutorial of particular teachers from the Institute of Classical Studies.
Learning outcomes
Leaning outcomes differ in relation to the study field of the students.
In general, students should improve:
- their competences language skills, particularly speaking and listening (modern languages);
- ability to understand and interpret original texts (Latin and Classical Greek);
- knowledge of grammar (students of all philological fields).
  • The program of the course depends on the field of study and level of the participants.
  • Students are divided into individual seminar groups according to their number and study program.
  • Seznam povinné literatury je zadán studentům jednotlivých seminárních skupin do Studijních materiálů, případně poslán hromadným emailem.
Teaching methods
Reading, text analysis, translation, speaking, group work, lectures, dicussions, grammar exercises.
Assessment methods
Attendance and active participation, completing all homeworks, given to students during the intensive course.
Language of instruction
Further comments (probably available only in Czech)
The course is taught: in blocks.
The course is also listed under the following terms Spring 2009, Spring 2010, Spring 2011, Spring 2012, Spring 2013, Spring 2014, Spring 2015, Spring 2016, Spring 2017, Spring 2018, Spring 2019, Spring 2020.
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