AJL15006 Americká literatura 1910 - 1960

Filozofická fakulta
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doc. PhDr. Tomáš Pospíšil, Ph.D. (přednášející)
Mgr. Martina Horáková, Ph.D.
Katedra anglistiky a amerikanistiky - Filozofická fakulta
Kontaktní osoba: Tomáš Hanzálek
Dodavatelské pracoviště: Katedra anglistiky a amerikanistiky - Filozofická fakulta
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AJL15006/01: St 8:00–9:40 G31, T. Pospíšil
AJL15006/02: Út 10:00–11:40 G32, T. Pospíšil
( AJ01002 Anglický jazyk II || AJL01002 Anglický jazyk II ) && AJL04003 Úvod do literatury II
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The aim of this course is to provide a survey of the literary history of the United States from 1910 to 1960. Based on a selection of representative literary pieces it is not only designed to familiarize students with the texts but also to encourage discussion, critical commentary and assessment. The necessary situating of the texts in their respective contexts will enable students to deepen their overall understanding of the development of American culture during the period in question. Major attention during the course is devoted to the multifaceted phenomenon of American literary modernism. The successful participants will gain a more thorough understanding of the wide variety of literary movements of the first half of the 20th century and will become acquainted with a number of accomplished authors who have come to be regarded as highly respected figures in the canon of American writing.
Výstupy z učení
The successful participants: - will gain a thorough understanding of the wide variety of American literary movements of the first half of the 20th century; - will become acquainted with representative works by a number of accomplished authors who have come to be regarded as highly respected figures in the canon of American writing; - will gain a better understanding of the American cultural situation of the given period; - will further develop their interpretive skills; - will further increase their capacity for literary critical analysis; - will increase their appreciation of certain currently not so popular literary genres {such as poetry).
  • Week 1 : Introduction to the Course
  • Week 2: Modernism in Arts and Literature in Europe and the United State: Movements and Geographies: Paris, London, New York, Chicago POUND: "In a Station of the Metro" N 1206, AT 1042 "Portrait d'une Femme" N 1204, AT 1038 "The River-Merchant's Wife: A Letter N 1207, AT 1041
  • Week 3: ELIOT: "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" 1268 “Journey of the Magi” 1294 Recommended: "The Waste Land" 1278
  • Week 4: HEMINGWAY: "Hills Like White Elephants" (ELF) FAULKNER: "Barn Burning" N 1632, AT 1254 FITZGERALD: “Winter Dreams” N 1509
  • Week 5: CATHER: "Neighbor Rosicky" N 1011, AT 935
  • Week 6: W.C. WILLIAMS: "The Young Housewife" N 1166, AT 1323 "Spring and all" N 1169 "The Red Wheelbarrow" N 1171, AT 1324 "Landscape with the Fall of Icarus" N 1195 "This is Just to Say" N 1174, AT KOCH : "Variations on a Theme by W.C. Williams (ELF) CUMMINGS: "somewhere I have never traveled" 1466 AT 1177 "in Just-" N 1459, AT 1173 "Buffalo Bill's" N 1461, AT 1174
  • Week 7: STEVENS: "Sunday Morning" N 1146, AT 1308 “The Emperor of Ice Cream" N 1145, AT 1314 “Anecdote of the Jar” N 1149, AT JEFFERS: “Shine, Perishing Republic” N 1248 “Hurt Hawks” N 1249 “Carmel Point” N 1250
  • Week 8: FITZGERALD: The Great Gatsby HURSTON: Their EYES Were Watching God
  • Week 9: Harlem Renaissance HUGHES: "The Negro Speaks of Rivers" N 1736 AT "Mulatto" N 1738 "Trumpet Player" N 1741 CULLEN: "Yet Do I Marvel" N 1756, AT 1201 TOOMER: "Seventh Street" N 1485 "Blood Burning Moon" AT 1183
  • Week 10: T. WILLIAMS: Streetcar Named Desire, N 1818
  • Week 11: BISHOP: “The Fish” N 2431 LOWELL: “Skunk Hour” N 2496 “For the Union Dead” N 2499 GINBERG: “A Supermarket in California” N 2621
  • Week 12: O’CONNOR: The Life You Save May Be Your Own ELLISON: from Invisible Man N 1912
    povinná literatura
  • The Norton anthology of American literature. Edited by Nina Baym. 6th ed. New York: W. W. Norton & Company, 2003. s. 1071-19. ISBN 0393979008. info
  • The Heath anthology of American literature. Edited by Paul Lauter. Lexington: D.C. Heath, 1990. xliii, 293. ISBN 0-669-12064-2. info
  • HURSTON, Zora Neale. Their eyes were watching God : a novel. Edited by Mary Helen Washington. 1st Perennial library ed. New York: Harper & Row, 1990. xiv, 207. ISBN 0060916508. info
  • FITZGERALD, Francis Scott. The great Gatsby. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1953. 121 s. ISBN 0-684-71760-3. info
  • The American tradition in literature. Edited by George B. Perkins. 7th ed. New York: McGraw-Hill Publishing Company, 1990. xxviii, 20. ISBN 0075572087. info
Výukové metody
This course lasts one term, and ends with a written exam. There will be one seminar per week. Students missing more than two seminars per semester automatically fail the course. Please come to the seminars having read the works assigned, and prepared to discuss them. The standard of your preparation will be occasionally tested by means of short in-class quizzes. You may also be asked to write brief responses to the texts and submit them in ELF prior to the lesson. Please note that this schedule is subject to change dependent on the specific needs of the group.
Metody hodnocení
Assessment: - written exam (50%); - presentation of an author/text in class, in-class quizzes, activity in the seminar (50%).
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Instructor: Doc. PhDr. Tomáš Pospíšil, Ph.D. tomas.pospisil@phil.muni.cz
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