NJII_35B German mass media

Faculty of Arts
Autumn 2023
Extent and Intensity
1/1/0. 5 credit(s). Type of Completion: k (colloquium).
Taught in person.
doc. PhDr. Jiřina Malá, CSc. (lecturer)
Guaranteed by
doc. PhDr. Jiřina Malá, CSc.
Department of German, Scandinavian and Netherland Studies – Faculty of Arts
Supplier department: Department of German, Scandinavian and Netherland Studies – Faculty of Arts
Mon 10:00–11:40 G25, except Mon 13. 11.
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Course objectives
Main objectives can be summarized as follows: to learn the typology of the contemporary masmedia: printmedia, electronic media and internet media; to analyze the texts from these media, mainly under the linguistic aspects, metaphoricity and idiomacity; to delineate the major differences between "boulevard" and "serious" print media; differentiation of the text types; tendency to overlap the text types, "boulevardisation".
Learning outcomes
Students will be able to:
analyze publishing texts of the newer linguistic trends, with regard to metaphors and idioms
distinguish the "serious" media and "boulevard" according to their language using
distinguish and characterize the text types in print and online media, or their overlaping and influencing.
  • Classification of the mass media; Historical aspects; Communicative aspects; Linguistic aspects, metaphors and idioms; text analysis from Der Spiegel, Bildzeitung; text types and their overlaping and influencing
  • BURGER, Harald. Mediensprache : eine Einführung in Sprache und Kommunikationsformen der Massenmedien. Edited by Martin Luginbühl. 3., völlig neu bearbeitete. Berlin: Walter de Gruyter, 2005, x, 486. ISBN 3110173530. info
  • LÜGER, Heinz-Helmut. Pressesprache. 2., neu bearbeitete Aufl. Tübingen: Max Niemeyer Verlag, 1995, 169 s. ISBN 348425128X. info
  • BURGER, Harald. Sprache der Massenmedien. 2., durchges. und erw. Aufl. Berlin: Walter de Gruyter, 1990, 388 s. ISBN 3110123061. info
Teaching methods
lectures and class discussion, 2 hours a week
Assessment methods
Colloquium: written analysis of a text from print or online media
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