FF FBMUpV Museology
Name in Czech: Muzeologie
Bachelor's full-time minor
Included in the programme: FF B-MU_ Museology

Recommended progress through the study plan

Povinné předměty (P+PV 60 kr.)

Teoretická muzeologie

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FF:MUB_001Introduction to Museology and Museography O. Kirschzk 2/0/04 1Z
FF:MUB_006Introduction to Work with Resources and Literature O. Kirschz 1/1/04 2Z
FF:MUB_010Collecting in Museums O. Kirschzk 2/0/04 3Z
FF:MUB_015Theory of museum presentation I. Loskotovák 2/0/04 3Z
FF:MUB_018Museums and Audience V. Jůvazk 2/0/04 6Z
20 credits

Aplikovaná muzeologie

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FF:MUB_007The Special Topics of the Museology I. O. Kirschz 2/0/02 3Z
FF:MUB_011Seminar to Collecting Work I. Loskotovák 0/2/05 4Z
FF:MUB_014Museum Security I. Loskotovázk 2/0/04 3Z
FF:MUB_016Exhibition making practice I. Loskotovák 0/2/05 4Z
FF:MUB_019Practice for Museum's Lector J. Macháčekz 0/2/04 5Z
FF:MUB_020Museum Marketing and Management I. Loskotovázk 2/0/04 6Z
24 credits

Povinně volitelné

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FF:AES_103Museology for archaeologist P. Vachůtk 1/1/03 --
FF:AES_109Auxiliary sciences of history for archaeologists D. Kalhousk 2/0/03 --
FF:ETMA115Open-air Museums D. Drápalazk 2/0/04 --
FF:MUB_B001The Material Culture and Everyday Life I. L. Valáškovázk 2/0/04 --
FF:MUB_B002The Material Culture and Everyday Life II. I. Loskotovázk 2/0/04 --
FF:MUB_B003The Material Culture and Everyday Life III. I. Loskotovázk 2/0/04 --
FF:MUB_B004The Material Culture and Everyday Life IV. O. Kirschzk 2/0/04 --
FF:MUB_B005Encyclopaedia of Brno J. Macháčekz 0/1/04 --
FF:MUB_B006Encyclopaedia of Brno I. I. Loskotováz 0/1/04 --
FF:MUB_B007Monument care I. Z. Váchak 2/0/03 --
FF:MUB_B008Introduction to monument care II Z. Váchak 2/0/03 --
FF:MUB_B009Sources to history of museums T. Zapletalk 0/2/03 --
FF:MUB_B010Chapters from economy of museums and galleries O. Kirschz 2/0/03 --
FF:MUB_B011Mobility of collections P. Obrovskáz 2/0/03 --
FF:MUB_B012Editorial work in museums I. P. Stöhrováz 1/1/03 --
FF:MUB_B013Editorial work in museums II. P. Stöhrováz 1/1/03 --
FF:MUB_B014History of museum work in Slovakia P. Tišliark 2/0/03 --
FF:MUB_B015German museums in Moravia O. Kirschk 2/0/03 --
FF:MUB_B016History of Science and Technology I. T. Kučerak 2/0/03 --
FF:MUB_B017History of Science and Technology II. T. Kučerak 2/0/03 --
FF:MUB_B018Museums of Applied Arts T. Zapletalk 1/1/03 --
FF:MUB_B019Fashion in 20th century A. Březinováz 2/0/03 --
FF:MUB_B020Fashion in 20th century A. Březinováz 2/0/03 --
FF:MUB_B021Museum and medium photography D. Hlinkovák 2/0/03 --
FF:MUB_B022English for museology purpose J. Macháčekk 1/1/03 --
FF:MUB_B023Internship in museum pedagogy L. Jagošovák 0/2/04 --
FF:MUB_B024Experience in museum education B. Svátkováz 0/2/03 --
FF:MUB_B025Textiles in the museum J. Macháčekzk 0/0/04 --
FF:MUB_B026Museum and identity O. Kirschk 2/0/03 --
FF:MUB_B027Material research of collections M. Hložekz 1/1/03 --
FF:MUB_B028Cultural Institutions and Structural Funds in EU T. Rybníčekz 1/1/03 --
FF:MUB_B029Forum of museology P. Tišliark 1/1/04 --
FF:MUB_B030Chapters of the history of culture and cultural policy P. Tišliark 2/0/03 --
109 credits