FF FNSAKSpSAF Anglophone and Francophone Area Studies
Name in Czech: Anglofonní a frankofonní areály
master's full-time specialized
Included in the programme: FF N-SAKS_ North-American Culture Studies

Společná část (80 kr.)

Diplomová práce (min. 20 kr.)

To successfully complete the subject "MA Thesis" you need to get enrolled in the courses "MA Thesis Seminar I and II" and MA Thesis.

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FF:SAKS091Master's Thesis Seminar I T. Pospíšilz 0/0/010 3P
FF:SAKS092Master's Thesis Seminar II T. Pospíšilz 0/0/010 4P
FF:SAKS093Master’s Thesis T. Pospíšilz 0/0/0- --
20 credits

Compulsory courses

For the successful completion of the program, the student is required to complete these compulsory subjects.

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FF:SAKS001Identity and Alterity in Literature and Culture: Theory, Methodology, Analysis T. Pospíšilzk 0/2/08 1Z
FF:SAKS002Multilingualism, Language Change and Language Policy J. Chovaneczk 0/2/08 1Z
FF:SAKS003Cultural Perspectives on the Colonization of North America P. Kyloušekzk 0/2/08 2Z
FF:SAKS004North American Cultural Geographies T. Pospíšilzk 0/2/08 2Z
FF:SAKS005Latin American society J. Bellón Aguilerazk 1/1/08 3Z
FF:SAKS006Frankofonní kultury Severní Ameriky P. Kyloušekzk 1/1/08 3Z
FF:SAKS080Internship T. Pospíšilz 0/0/0 praxe o celkové délce 300 hodin.12 4P
60 credits

Specializační část (min. 40kr.)

Specializační předměty - anglofonní a frankofonní areály

Students must complete seven courses (gaining at least 40 credits) in the following variations: 3-4 courses(3 English - 4 French) or 4-3 courses (4 English - 3 French).

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FF:SAKS011North American Cross-cultural Narratives M. Horákovázk 0/2/06 1P
FF:SAKS012Translating North America into Czech (and vice versa): a historical-cultural perspective J. Rambousekzk 0/2/06 2P
FF:SAKS013Film in the USA: Institutions, Genres, Film-makers, Criticism T. Pospíšilzk 0/2/06 3P
FF:SAKS014Current Topics in American Linguistics J. Chovaneczk 0/2/06 4P
FF:SAKS015Vybrané kapitoly z anglofonních lingvistických a kulturních studií Severní Ameriky T. Pospíšilzk 0/2/05 4P
FF:SAKS021Image of the USA and America in Quebec literature P. Vurmzk 2/0/06 1P
FF:SAKS022Theatre of French Canada P. Kyloušekzk 2/0/06 2P
FF:SAKS023Czech Translations from Quebec literature P. Kyloušekzk 2/0/06 3P
FF:SAKS024French in North America Ch. Cusimanozk 1/0/06 4P
FF:SAKS025Vybrané kapitoly z frankofonních lingvistických a kulturních studií Severní Ameriky P. Kyloušekzk 0/2/05 4P
58 credits