FF FNAJApJ English Language and Literature
Name in Czech: English Language and Literature
master's full-time single-subject
Included in the programme: FF N-AJA_ English Language and Literature

Parts of the final state examination and its content

The state examination has two parts:
1. Defence of the diploma thesis
2. English language and literature
The second part of the state exam consists of an oral examination of professional literature within the specialization chosen during their studies by selecting optional courses related to their diploma thesis.
The current lists of the prescribed literature for the individual specializations are available at:
Students are obliged to choose 2 out of 4 recommended overview texts within their specialization (e.g. Bloom/Eagleton and Brantlinger/Jenks for literary-cultural studies and Crystal/Svartvik&Leech and Firbas/Vached for linguistics). Additional three books are selected from three areas so that the student covers all relevant disciplines in their professional specialization. The aim of the exam is to assess the professional knowledge of the students by means of an open dialogue, with view to their awareness of the historical context as well as the current state of knowledge in their field.

Suggestion of theses topics and the topics of defended theses

Dynamic Semantic Scales and Verbs of Motion
Czech and English Dictionaries of Collocations
Downtoners from a Semantic Point of View
Evaluative language in journalistic discourse
Female Characters in The English and Scottish Popular Ballads
Identity and Loss in Films by Atom Egoyan
Comparison of the English Way of Advertising with its Spanish Counterparts
The Films that Made It: Independent Canadian Women Filmmakers and the Recipe for Success
The Slave Narrative and its Crucial Features
Ethnic Identity among Children of Immigrants to Australia
"The Exterminator Does a Good Job:" The Discourse of Naked Lunch

Recommended progress through the study plan

Povinné předměty (60-80 kr.)

Diplomová práce (min. 20 kr.)

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FF:AJL29800Master's Thesis Seminar I J. Smithz 0/0/06 3P
FF:AJL29801Master's Thesis Seminar II J. Smithz 0/0/020 4P
FF:AJL29850Master’s Thesis J. Chovanecz 0/0/0- 4P
26 credits

Compulsory courses

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FF:AJL20001Literary and Cultural Theory I M. Kaylorzk 0/2/08 1Z
FF:AJL20002Literary and Cultural Theory II T. Pospíšilzk 0/2/08 2Z
FF:AJL20003The Historical Development of English J. Chamonikolasovázk 0/2/08 2Z
FF:AJL20004Moderní lingvistika J. Chovaneczk 0/2/08 1Z
FF:AJL20006Czech Literature in English B. Fořtzk 0/2/08 3Z
FF:AJL21110Practical English Exam K. Tomkovázk 0/0/0- --
FF:AJL21120Oral Practical English Exam K. Tomkovázk 0/0/0- --
40 credits

Selective courses

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FF:AJL22065Semantics: The English Verb N. Kudrnáčovázk 0/2/06 1-
FF:AJL22066Pronunciation Varieties of English K. Tomkovázk 0/2/06 2-
FF:AJL22068Semantics: Sentence Semantics N. Kudrnáčovázk 0/2/06 3-
FF:AJL22082Pragmatics: Meaning in Context J. Pelclovázk 0/2/06 4-
FF:AJL22083Stylistics: Language and the Media J. Chovaneczk 0/2/06 1-
FF:AJL22087Forensic Linguistics: English language and law J. Chovaneczk 0/2/06 2-
FF:AJL22089Sociolinguistic Skills: Academic Oracy J. Chamonikolasovázk 0/2/06 3-
FF:AJL22091Sociolinguistics: Dimensions of Intercultural Communication J. Chovaneczk 0/2/06 4-
FF:AJL22093Pronunciation Varieties of American English K. Tomkovázk 0/2/06 1-
FF:AJL22098Linguistic analysis of broadcast talk J. Chamonikolasovázk 0/2/06 2-
FF:AJL24054Contemporary British Women Novelists M. Frankovázk 0/2/06 3-
FF:AJL24055Iris Murdoch: the Novelist and the Philosopher M. Frankovázk 0/2/06 4-
FF:AJL24090Theory of Biography M. Kaylorzk 0/2/06 1-
FF:AJL24101Tom Stoppard, playwright T. Kačerzk 0/2/06 2-
FF:AJL25056Arthur Miller, Playwright T. Kačerzk 0/2/06 3-
FF:AJL26071John Milton's 'Paradise Lost' and the British Civil War S. Hardyzk 0/2/06 4-
FF:AJL27051Contemporary Native American Societies M. Horákovázk 0/2/06 1-
FF:AJL27053Civil and Human Rights: A Comparative Examination J. Smithzk 0/2/06 2-
FF:AJL27075Philip K. Dick on Screen F. Krajníkzk 0/2/06 3-
FF:AJL28042Film in Canada: Institutions, Genres, Film-makers, Criticism T. Pospíšilzk 0/2/06 4-
FF:SAKS001Identity and Alterity in Literature and Culture: Theory, Methodology, Analysis T. Pospíšilzk 0/2/08 4-
FF:SAKS003Cultural Perspectives on the Colonization of North America P. Kyloušekzk 0/2/08 1-
FF:SAKS004North American Cultural Geographies T. Pospíšilzk 0/2/08 2-
144 credits