FF FNARpV Archival Studies
Name in Czech: Archivnictví
master's full-time minor
Included in the programme: FF N-AR_ Archival Studies
Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Profile Cat. Requirement
FF:AR2A300The History of Archival Science Z. Svitákzk 1/0/04 P P
FF:AR2A301Registry Techniques in Archival Practice S. Bártak 0/2/05 P P
FF:AR2A302Pre-Archival Care and Records Management S. Bártazk 1/1/05 P P
FF:AR2A303The Digital Archival Science S. Bártaz 1/1/04 P P
FF:AR2A304Archival Management and Marketing D. Valůšekk 2/0/03 - P
FF:AR2A305Seminar on Modern Diplomatics Z. Svitákz 0/2/04 Z P
FF:AR2A306Autographs of the 18th - 20th Century D. Havelz 2/0/04 Z P
FF:AR2A307Principles of the Czech System of Law for Archivists J. Razimk 1/1/03 - P
FF:AR2A314Early Modern and Modern German V. Bromzk 1/1/04 - P
FF:CJBB138Old Czech Language M. Boháčovázk 2/0/04 - P
40 credits