FF FDFSTkJ Aesthetics and Culture Theory
Name in Czech: Estetika a kulturní studia
doctoral combined
Included in the programme: FF D-EST_ Aesthetics and Culture Studies
Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Profile Cat. Requirement
FF:ESDS01Seminar in Theory of Culture P. Osolsobězk 0/2/010 - P
FF:ESDS02Research and Dissertation Theses P. Osolsobězk 0/2/010 - P
FF:ESDS03A Research Paper H. Řehulkováz 0/2/010 - P
FF:ESDS04Publication of research results H. Řehulkováz 0/2/05 - P
FF:ESDS05History of Aesthetics and Culture P. Osolsobězk 0/2/010 - P
FF:ESDS06Concepts and Methods of the Aesthetic Theory R. Niederlezk 0/2/010 - P
FF:ESDS07Research and its Sources I. P. Osolsobězk 0/2/05 - P
FF:ESDS08A public presentation / conference L. Leezk 0/2/05 - P
FF:ESDS09Educational stay in abroad L. Leezk 0/0/210 - P
FF:ESDS11Semiotic and Structural Analysis R. Niederlezk 0/2/010 - P
FF:ESDS12Ethical Criticism of Arts and Culture P. Osolsobězk 0/2/010 - P
FF:ESDS16Tutorship and Teaching P. Osolsobězk 0/2/010 - P
FF:ESDSDPDoctoral thesis (PhD) P. Osolsoběz 0/0/020 - P
FF:ESDSDSDoctoral seminar P. Osolsoběk 0/2/05 - P
FF:ESDSJ1Foreign language in use and research I. L. Leek 0/2/010 - P
FF:ESDSJ2Foreign language in use and research II. L. Leek 0/2/010 - P
FF:ESDSM1Methology in Humanities I. R. Niederlez 0/2/010 - P
FF:ESDSM2Methology in Humanities II. R. Niederlek 0/2/010 - P
170 credits