FSS BSS03 Security and Strategic Studies
Name in Czech: Bezpečnostní a strategická studia
Bachelor's full-time minor
Included in the programme: FSS B-BSS Security & Strategic Studies

Recommended progress through the study plan

Compulsory courses

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FSS:BSSb1101Introduction into Security and Strategic Studies M. Marešzk 1/1/06 1Z
FSS:BSSb1102History of military J. Šedozk 2/0/05 1P
FSS:BSSb1103Security Policy of the Czech Republic M. Marešzk 1/1/06 6Z
FSS:BSSb1104Methodology of Security and Strategic Studies R. Chytilekzk 1/1/07 3Z
FSS:BSSb1105International Security Policy M. Bartoszewiczzk 1/1/07 3P
FSS:BSSb1106Crisis Management M. Marešzk 1/1/06 4P
FSS:BSSb1110Strategy and economy of state defense J. Krauszk 2/0/06 4Z
FSS:BSSb1111Internal security forces and intelligence services M. Marešzk 2/0/06 2P
FSS:BSSb1112Threats and Risks of the Present World J. Krauszk 1/1/07 5Z
FSS:POLb1002Modern Political History L. Kopečekz 2/0/04 1P
60 credits