FSS POL03 Political Science
Name in Czech: Politologie
Bachelor's full-time minor
Included in the programme: FSS B-POL Political Science

Compulsory courses

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FSS:POLb1007Party Systems L. Kopečekzk 1/1/07 3Z
FSS:POLb1008Traditions of Political Thought J. Barošzk 2/0/05 3Z
FSS:POLb1001Introduction into Political Science O. Eiblzk 1/1/05 1Z
FSS:POLb1009Heads of State, Governments and Parliaments J. Šedozk 2/0/07 4Z
FSS:POLb1003Democracy, Autocracy and Ideology L. Kopečekzk 2/0/05 2Z
FSS:POLb1002Modern Political History L. Kopečekz 2/0/04 1Z
FSS:POLb1004History of the Czech Politics J. Holzerzk 2/0/05 2Z
FSS:POLb1011Big Issues of Contemporary Political Philosophy J. Barošzk 2/0/05 4Z
FSS:POLb1005Contemporary Czech Politics S. Balíkzk 1/1/05 2Z
FSS:POLb1006How to Research Politics R. Chytilekzk 2/1/07 3Z
FSS:POLb1010Contemporary European Union M. Rybářzk 1/1/05 4Z
60 credits