FSS DKP01 Clinical psychology
Name in Czech: Klinická psychologie
doctoral full-time
Included in the programme: FSS D-KP_ Clinical psychology

Final state doctoral examination and defence of the doctoral thesis

The State Doctoral Exam and the Doctoral Thesis Defence are required for graduating. The State Doctoral Exam tests the candidates’ ability to consider issues in the discipline taken both in the discipline-specific and interdisciplinary context. The Committee sets the candidate two or three topics in psychology. The candidate is to conduct a comprehensive review of the research literature on these topics. At the exam, the candidate answers questions pertaining a) to the methodological and research context of the topic, i.e. the candidate critically evaluates how certain issues are studied, discusses approaches to the scientific understanding of the phenomenon in a historical perspective, b) to the newest theories connected to the topic and their relationship to previous thinking, c) to controversies in approaching the topic, which the candidate is to critically evaluate.

Requirements of the study

As for the compulsory activities of candidates, they must take all compulsory courses that are connected to their Doctoral Thesis and to gain 240 EC. Furthermore, among compulsory activities, there is a long-term study stay abroad, conference attendances, working on scientific papers (three as minimum) and participating in teaching and research at the Department of Psychology.

Proposal of dissertation topics and topics of defended dissertations

Patients with medically unexplained symptoms.
Monitoring of patients change in the course of/after psychotherapy.
Negative effects of psychotherapy.
Cognitive and personality aspects of responding to assessment measure items in clinical settings: Response process as a part of validity argument.
Using the Personalized dynamic network modeling in psychotherapy and their effectivity.

Recommended progress through the study plan

Compulsory courses

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FSS:PSY0008Conference presentation I S. Ježekz 0/0/010 3-
FSS:PSY0009Conference presentation II S. Ježekz 0/0/015 6-
FSS:PSY001Theory and Methodology of Science P. Macekzk 0/0/010 1-
FSS:PSY0010_1aPeer reviewed publication I a T. Řiháčekk 0/0/015 4-
FSS:PSY0010_1bPeer reviewed publication I b T. Řiháčekk 0/0/05 7-
FSS:PSY0010_2aPeer reviewed publication II a T. Řiháčekk 0/0/015 5-
FSS:PSY0010_2bPeer reviewed publication II b T. Řiháčekk 0/0/05 8-
FSS:PSY0011aPublication in a journal with IF (a) S. Ježekk 0/0/015 7-
FSS:PSY0011bPublication in a journal with IF (b) S. Ježekk 0/0/05 8-
FSS:PSY0012Review of dissertation-relevant literature I. Čermákk 0/0/015 2-
FSS:PSY0013Dissertation: finalization P. Macekz 0/0/020 8-
FSS:PSY0007aSeminar 1 Z. Vybíralz 0/0/01 1-
FSS:PSY0007bSeminar 2 Z. Vybíralz 0/0/01 2-
FSS:PSY0007cSeminar 3 Z. Vybíralz 0/0/01 3-
FSS:PSY0007dSeminar 4 Z. Vybíralz 0/0/01 4-
FSS:PSY0007eSeminar 5 Z. Vybíralz 0/0/01 5-
FSS:PSY0007fSeminar 6 Z. Vybíralz 0/0/01 6-
FSS:PSY0007gSeminar 7 Z. Vybíralz 0/0/01 7-
FSS:PSY0007hSeminar 8 Z. Vybíralz 0/0/01 8-
FSS:PSY0015Presentation and defense of the dissertation project P. Macekz 0/0/010 1-
FSS:PSY0035aPeer-reviewing I Z. Vybíralk 0/0/02 6-
FSS:PSY0035bPeer-reviewing II Z. Vybíralk 0/0/02 7-
FSS:PSY0039aThesis consulting I L. Lacinovák 0/0/03 6-
FSS:PSY0039bThesis consulting under supervision II L. Lacinovák 0/0/03 7-
FSS:PSY029Participation on research and teaching L. Lacinováz 0/0/02 4-
FSS:PSY030Participation on research and teaching L. Lacinováz 0/0/02 5-
FSS:PSY031Participation on research and teaching L. Lacinováz 0/0/02 6-
FSS:PSY032Participation on research and teaching L. Lacinováz 0/0/02 7-
166 credits

Selective courses

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FSS:FSS900Research Abroad M. Vaculíkk 0/0/020 --
FSS:FSS910Study Visit M. Vaculíkz 0/0/04 --
FSS:FSS990Placement Abroad M. Vaculíkk 0/0/020 --
FSS:PSY0009bConference presentation III S. Ježekz 0/0/015 --
FSS:PSY0010_3Peer reviewed publication V J. Roubalk 0/0/010 --
FSS:PSY0036aClinical psychology: psychotherapy research I T. Řiháčekk 0/0/015 --
FSS:PSY0036bClinical psychology: psychotherapy research II T. Řiháčekz 0/0/015 --
FSS:PSY0037aClinical psychology: psychometrics I S. Ježekz 0/0/015 --
FSS:PSY0037bClinical psychology: psychometrics II S. Ježekz 0/0/015 --
FSS:PSY0038aClinical psychology: public health research I S. Elavskyz 0/0/015 --
FSS:PSY0038bClinical psychology: public health research II S. Elavskyz 0/0/015 --
FSS:PSY0039cThesis consulting under supervision III L. Lacinovák 0/0/03 --
FSS:PSY0040Popularization of science S. Ježekz 0/0/04 --
FSS:PSY0041Research in international context (invited lecturers) J. Roubalz 0/0/01 --
167 credits