FSS GLC01 Global Challenges: Society, Politics, Environmnent
Name in Czech: Global Challenges: Society, Politics, Environmnent
Bachelor's full-time single-subject
Included in the programme: FSS B-GLC Global Challenges: Society, Politics, Environment

Bachelor thesis

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FSS:GLCb1018Diploma seminar I: Thesis proposal A. Souralováz 0/0/28 5P
FSS:GLCb1019Diploma seminar II: Thesis writing A. Souralováz 0/0/28 6P
16 credits

Compulsory courses (A)

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FSS:GLCb1001Introduction to Global Challenges A. Souralovázk 0/2/06 1Z
FSS:GLCb1002Seminar: Introduction to Global Challenges A. Souralovázk 0/2/06 1Z
FSS:GLCb1003Central Europe: Politics and Society M. Pinkzk 1/1/05 1Z
FSS:GLCb1004Academic Skills B. Jaworskyzk 0/2/05 1P
FSS:GLCb1005Fundamentals in Political Science and Security Studies V. Stojarovázk 1/1/05 2Z
FSS:GLCb1006Main Issues in Sociology P. Pospěchzk 1/1/05 2Z
FSS:GLCb1007Key Concepts in Environmental studies Z. Ulčákzk 1/1/05 2Z
FSS:GLCb1008Introduction to Methodology of Social Sciences J. Navrátilzk 1/1/05 2Z
FSS:GLCb1009Selected Chapters from Social Anthropology I. Kašparovázk 1/1/05 3Z
FSS:GLCb1010Qualitative Methodology in Action A. Souralovázk 0/2/17 3Z
FSS:GLCb1011Globalization and its challenges C. Szalózk 1/1/06 3Z
FSS:GLCb1012Quantitative Methodology in Action T. Katrňákzk 1/1/17 4Z
FSS:GLCb1013Migration and Displacement M. Bartoszewiczzk 1/1/06 4Z
FSS:GLCb1014Social Movements: Multidisciplinary Approach J. Navrátilzk 1/1/06 4Z
FSS:GLCb1015Combating Global Political and Security Challenges and Risks: Practical Workshop V. Stojarovázk 0/2/05 5P
FSS:GLCb1016Combating Global Social Challenges and Risks: Practical Workshop A. Souralovázk 0/2/05 5P
FSS:GLCb1017Combating Global Environmental Challenges and Risks: Practical Workshop Z. Ulčákzk 0/2/05 6P
94 credits

Optional courses (B)

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FSS:GLCb2001Climate Change: Environment, Politics, and Society P. Pospěchzk 1/1/05 2-
FSS:GLCb2002Communism: Politics, Culture and Society C. Szalózk 1/1/05 4-
FSS:GLCb2003Culture and Politics of Populism W. Binderzk 1/1/05 1-
FSS:GLCb2004Nationalism: Culture, Society, Politics, and Environment M. Bartoszewiczzk 1/1/05 4-
FSS:GLCb2005Culture, Nature, Technology V. Pelikánzk 1/1/05 3-
FSS:GLCb2006Changing urban and rural environments - global challenges, local experiences and contested futures L. Galčanová Batistazk 1/1/05 1-
FSS:GLCb2007Power, Governance and Global Justice E. Šlesingerovázk 1/1/05 6-
FSS:GLCb2008Future Challenges: Food, Work, Shelter T. Dosedělzk 1/1/05 6-
FSS:GLCb2009Money: Politics, Society and Environment A. Pinkovázk 1/1/05 1-
FSS:GLCb2010Global Radicalization and Extremism M. Marešzk 1/1/05 3-
FSS:GLCb2011Global Security Policy M. Bartoszewiczzk 1/1/05 6-
FSS:GLCb2012It's fake news! M. Gregorzk 1/1/05 2-
FSS:GLCb2013Understanding Social-Ecological and Technological Systems Ch. Kimmichzk 1/1/05 2-
FSS:GLCb2014Environment and Education J. Činčerazk 1/1/05 3-
FSS:GLCb2015Environmental history P. Szabózk 1/1/05 5-
FSS:GLCb2016Global Challenges from the Perspective of Population Studies L. Vidovićovázk 1/1/05 6-
FSS:GLCb2017Global Issues in Social Antrhopology A. Souralovázk 1/1/05 4-
FSS:GLCb2018Inequalities in Global Societies: Ethnicity, Class, Gender K. Nedbálkovázk 1/1/05 2-
FSS:GLCb2019Global Networks and Cultural War R. Maradazk 1/1/05 5-
95 credits

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