FSS PMC01 Politics, Media, and Communication
Name in Czech: Politics, Media, and Communication
Bachelor's full-time single-subject
Included in the programme: FSS B-PMC Politics, Media, and Communication

Bachelor thesis

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FSS:PMCb1014Bachelor thesis seminar I. V. Havlíkz 0/0/08 5P
FSS:PMCb1015Bachelor thesis seminar II. V. Havlíkz 0/0/08 6P
16 credits

Compulsory courses (A)

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FSS:PMCb1001Introduction to Politics V. Havlíkzk 2/0/06 1Z
FSS:PMCb1002Academic writing A. Robertszk 1/1/05 1Z
FSS:PMCb1003Introduction to media studies and communication J. Macekzk 2/0/06 1P
FSS:PMCb1004Media, Politics, and Society A. Mackovázk 2/0/07 2Z
FSS:PMCb1005Basics in social research methodology P. Spáčzk 1/1/07 2Z
FSS:PMCb1006Political and media systems V. Havlíkzk 2/0/07 2Z
FSS:PMCb1007Democracy and media L. Waschková Císařovázk 2/0/07 3Z
FSS:PMCb1008Research on politics and media A. Mackovázk 1/1/07 3Z
FSS:PMCb1009Political communication A. Mackovázk 2/0/07 3Z
FSS:PMCb1010Media effects M. Urbánikovázk 2/0/06 4Z
FSS:PMCb1011Basics in Statistics P. Spáčzk 1/1/07 4Z
FSS:PMCb1012Political marketing and campaigning O. Eiblzk 1/1/07 4Z
FSS:PMCb1013Citizens, media and public opinion L. Hrbkovázk 1/1/07 5Z
86 credits

Optional courses (B)

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FSS:PMCb1100Internship V. Havlíkz 0/2/02 3-
FSS:PMCb1101Basics in data visualisation P. Vodazk 1/1/06 5-
FSS:PMCb1102Emotions, the media and politics A. Kluknavskázk 1/1/05 3-
FSS:PMCb1103Fan audiences I. Jansovázk 1/1/05 1-
FSS:PMCb1104International news, soft power and diplomacy M. Metykovázk 1/1/06 5-
FSS:PMCb1105Media and political participation and mobilization A. Mackovázk 1/1/05 3-
FSS:PMCb1106Media representation of marginalized identities I. Jansovázk 1/1/05 1-
FSS:PMCb1107Political behavior V. Havlíkzk 1/1/06 3-
FSS:PMCb1108Populist political communication V. Havlíkzk 1/1/06 5-
FSS:PMCb1109Post-communist politics M. Rybářzk 1/1/06 1-
FSS:PMCb1110Public relations in practice V. Havlíkzk 1/1/05 --
FSS:PMCb1111Content analysis A. Kluknavskázk 1/1/05 2-
FSS:PMCb1112Far right and far left and communication V. Stojarovázk 1/1/06 2-
FSS:PMCb1113Money, media, and politics P. Spáčzk 1/1/05 2-
FSS:PMCb1114Political psychology L. Hrbkovázk 1/1/05 4-
FSS:PMCb1115Politics, media and civil society A. Pinkovázk 1/1/06 4-
FSS:PMCb1116Reception of socio-political information in the media and on the internet H. Macháčkovázk 1/1/03 4-
FSS:PMCb1117The cultural studies perspective I. Jansovázk 1/1/03 --
FSS:PMCb1118Trust in media A. Mackovázk 1/1/05 --
95 credits

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