PřF PALEK Stratigraphic geology, paleontology and sedimentology
Name in Czech: Geologie stratigrafická, paleontologie a sedimentologie
doctoral combined specialized
Included in the programme: PřF D-GEOL_ Geology

Introductory information / Instructions

The student can choose optional subjects according to the topic of the dissertation and subjects of the state doctoral exam. The following list is an example of possible optional subjects.


Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
PřF:GD211Microscopy for Ph.D. theses Z. Lososz 0/2/02 --
PřF:GD231Actual state and perspectives of paleontology Š. Hladilováz 0/0/02 --
PřF:GD281News in regional geology - research R. Melicharz 0/0/02 --
PřF:GD301New knowledge from paleoekology - research Š. Hladilováz 0/0/02 --
PřF:GD311Advanced sedimentary geology - research S. Nehybaz 0/0/02 --
10 credits