PřF GEPRAK Genomics and Proteomics
Název anglicky: Genomics and Proteomics
doktorský kombinovaný
Zahrnut v programu: PřF D-GEPRA_ Genomics and Proteomics

Státní doktorská zkouška a obhajoba disertační práce

Given the experimental character of the doctoral program Genomics and proteomics, the regular daily form of studies is required. The combined form can be applied only in specific situation when a student could not finish studies in regular time but has completed the experimental work and other duties. Then student can step in to the combined form of the doctoral studies and just finish publications and write her/his dissertation thesis.

Like the regular studies, combined form of studies must be terminated by the Final State Exam and dissertation thesis defence. The Final State Exam must prove student's professional orientation in the field of genomics and proteomics and other related disciplines, particularly in molecular and cellular biology, structural biology, bioinformatics, and in the experimental approaches used in the field. The exam topics are selected by supervisor in advance. The student should especially be able to prove sufficient general knowledge in the field studied and in-depth knowledge in areas related to his/her Ph.D. thesis, including being familiar with recent major publications in their field of expertise.

Before the dissertation thesis defence can take place, student must publish first-author paper (or the manuscript must be accepted for publication) in impacted international journal indexed in Web of Science (WoS) with impact factor above the subject median (or two publications must be published if the IF is below the median).

The dissertation thesis defence starts with presentation of major scientific achievements and is followed by discussions with referees and committee members. Student must prove her/his ability to work and develop research independently, to present and defend her/his results and conclusions.

Studijní a výzkumné povinnosti

Research activities:
Dissertation thesis preparation – experimental part must be completed before stepping in to the combined form of studies (student can only write her/his thesis)
Read relevant literature
Publication activity – student must publish first-author paper in impacted international journal indexed in Web of Science (WoS) with impact factor above the subject median
Active participation at an international conference
Internship abroad - student must spend 1 month in a lab abroad (can be cumulated)

Dissertation thesis defence

The other (education) activities must be accomplished before the entry to the combined form of studies.

Návrh témat disertačních prací a témata obhájených prací

Examples of (10 selected) successfully defended dissertations:

Veronika Pavlištová: Effect of chromatin assembly on genome stability (https://is.muni.cz/auth/th/wx0ba/)

Kateřina Zábrady: Analysis of MAGE (Melanoma AntiGEn) proteins and their interaction partners (https://is.muni.cz/auth/th/ap968/)

Eliška Janoušková: Dynamics of Telomeric Proteins (https://is.muni.cz/auth/th/pm7q7/)

Kateřina Šedová: Characterisation of Protein Modifications by Mass Spectrometry (https://is.muni.cz/auth/th/eypvg/)

Zuzana Vrzalová: Complex molecular diagnostics of congenital adrenal hyperplasia (https://is.muni.cz/auth/th/x4k2c/)

Karin Jaške: Crossroads of genetics and epigenetics: nucleosome assembly and chromosome integrity (https://is.muni.cz/auth/th/laaa5/)

Markéta Žďárská: Differential proteomics and phosphoproteomics of hormonal regulations in plants (https://is.muni.cz/auth/th/dhio8/)

Michal Zimmermann: Protein-DNA interactions involved in regulation of telomere maintenance (https://is.muni.cz/auth/th/fsxl1/)

Marc Guerineau: Analysis of SMC5-6 complex subunits and their functional homologs (https://is.muni.cz/auth/th/uccar/)

Eva Majerová: Epigenetic mechanisms in the regulation of telomere maintenance (https://is.muni.cz/auth/th/eyt2h/)

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