FI AZO Image Processing and Analysis
Name in Czech: Analýza a zpracování obrazu
master's full-time specialized, language of instruction: Czech Czech
Included in the programme: FI N-VIZ Visual informatics

Parts of the final state examination and its content

The state final exam consists of two separately classified components: master's thesis defense and professional final examination. The entire state exam lasts about one hour (approximately 30 minutes for the defense, 30 minutes for the examination). The presentation of the master's thesis is 15 minutes, the next 15 minutes is devoted to the review analysis and discussion. In the following oral exam, the student responds without preparation to the questions asked, typically there are two to three questions to be debated, with at least one question being asked within the topic of the study program and at least one question from the specialization.

For successful completion of the final the student must be able to explain the basic concepts she learned in the profiling subjects of the program, must demonstrate the ability to use basic techniques, methods and concepts explained in profiling subjects program, and must be able to respond to relevant additional questions or, if necessary, develop the selected topic in depth. If a student is not able to meet one of these requirements, the grade is inappropriate. Condition access to the final exam is the submission of the diploma thesis. In the case of negative opinions on the master's thesis the student can give up the defense, accept the rating "failed" and go straight to the test. In case of failure at the defense, it is not possible to withdraw from the oral examination.

Suggestion of theses topics and the topics of defended theses

1) "Google Maps, i.e. GIS, but for microscopy panoramas":

2) "Image Distortion Correction in Panorama Stitching in SEM"

3) "Online analytical processing for open source relational and NoSQL databases":

4) "Registration and Visualization of MRI Time-Series Data":

5) "OpenLMI provider for management of the SSSD client components":

Recommended progress through the study plan

Povinné předměty studijního programu

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FI:IV003Algorithms and Data Structures II I. Černázk 2/2/03+2 2Z
FI:MA018Numerical Methods J. Zelinkazk 2/2/03+2 1P
FI:MV013Statistics for Computer Science P. Hasilzk 2/2/03+2 2P
FI:PA103Object-oriented Methods for Design of Information Systems R. Ošlejšekzk 2/0/02+2 3P
FI:PA010Intermediate Computer Graphics B. Kozlíkovázk 2/0/13+2 1Z
FI:PV021Neural Networks T. Brázdilzk 2/0/24+2 3Z
FI:PV182Human-Computer Interaction S. Kriglsteinzk 2/1/03+2 2Z
FI:PV189Mathematics for Computer Graphics P. Matulazk 2/0/02+2 1Z
FI:VV0353D Modeling J. Chmelíkk 0/2/13+1 3-
FI:SOBHADefence of Thesis D. SvobodaSZk 0/0/0- 4-
FI:SZMGRState Exam (MSc degree) D. SvobodaSZk 0/0/0- 4-
43 credits

Master's thesis

Povinnost získat 20 kreditů z předmětu SDIPR.

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FI:SDIPRDiploma Thesis D. Svobodaz 0/0/020 4-
20 credits


Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FI:MA017Geometric Algorithms M. Čadekzk 2/0/02+2 3P
FI:PA093Computational Geometry Project B. Kozlíkováz 0/1/12 3-
FI:PA166Advanced Methods of Digital Image Processing P. Matulazk 2/23+2 2Z
FI:PA170Digital Geometry M. Maškazk 2/1/03+2 1Z
FI:PA171 -- 0/0- 1P
FI:PA172Image Acquisition M. Kozubekzk 2/02+2 1Z
FI:PA173Mathematical Morphology P. Matulazk 2/2/03+2 2Z
FI:PV187Seminar of digital image processing M. Kozubekz 0/0/22 4Z
FI:PV197GPU Programming J. Filipovičzk 1/1/02+2 3P
FI:PA228Machine Learning in Image Processing P. Matulazk 2/2/14+2 4-
37 credits

Volitelné kredity

To complete other subjects so that the total credit gain is at least 120 credits for the whole study of this study program.