PrF LTPA01 Legal theory and Public Affairs
Name in Czech: Legal theory and Public Affairs
doctoral full-time, language of instruction: English English
Included in the programme: PrF LTPA_ Legal Theory and Public Affairs


Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
PrF:DA6RS02Research Skills II R. Polčákz 0/0/06 6Z
PrF:DAL1DT01Doctoral Thesis Project I T. Sobekk 0/0/0 Individual consultation.17 1P
PrF:DAL1LT01Legal Theory Classics T. Sobekk 0/0/07 1P
PrF:DAL2DT02Doctoral Thesis Project II T. Sobekk 0/0/017 2P
PrF:DAL2EL01Empirical Legal Studies I - data collecting T. Sobekk 0/0/05 2P
PrF:DAL3DT03Doctoral Thesis Project III T. Sobekk 0/0/025 3P
PrF:DAL3EL02Empirical Legal Studies II - data analyzing T. Sobekk 0/0/05 3P
PrF:DAL3II01International Internship T. Sobekk 0/0/010 3P
PrF:DAL4DT01Doctoral Thesis I T. Sobekk 0/0/017 4P
PrF:DAL4PS01Philosophy of Science and Legal Science T. Sobekk 0/0/07 4P
PrF:DAL5DT02Doctoral Thesis II T. Sobekk 0/0/017 5P
PrF:DAL5LP01Law and Policy P. Aghak 0/0/05 5P
PrF:DAL6DT03Doctoral Thesis III T. Sobekk 0/0/017 6P
PrF:DAL6MM01Multidisciplinary Methods in Law T. Sobekk 0/0/05 6P
PrF:DAL7DT04Doctoral Thesis IV T. Sobekk 0/0/025 7P
PrF:DAL8DT05Doctoral Thesis V T. Sobekk 0/0/025 8P
PrF:DA1RM01Research Methodology T. Sobekz 0/0/06 1Z
PrF:DA2LRM01Legal Research Methodology I R. Zbíralz 0/0/06 2Z
PrF:DA3LRM02Legal Research Methodology II D. Kosařz 0/0/06 3Z
PrF:DA4LIR01Legal Issues in Research R. Polčákz 0/0/06 4Z
PrF:DA5RS01Research Skills I - Academic Project Management R. Zbíralz 0/0/06 5Z
240 credits