FSS DSPSP05 Social Policy and Social Work
Name in Czech: Sociální politika a sociální práce
doctoral combined
Included in the programme: FSS D_SPSP_ Social Policy and Social Work

Final state doctoral examination and defence of the doctoral thesis

Studying DS SPSW is completed by the Final State Exam (FSE). Passing FSE is a precondition of access to dissertation defence. FSE concerns a respective topic of individual dissertation and its broader theoretical and methodological context. The chairman of the Field Commission and respective opponents determine three broadly conceived questions. Student is obliged to answer one of these three question selected by the examination committee. FSE tests the deepness and complexity of knowing theoretical and methodological context of the topic, which is the matter of individual student specialization. To say it in terms of learning outputs, FSE tests mainly deepness of theoretical knowledge relevant for social policy and social work; ability of reflecting in complex scientific manner processes of solving social problems or living situations; and ability of self-reflexion in terms of ethical and methodological responsivity and effectiveness of expert activities by students. Compulsory elective courses which concern theory of social policy and theory of social work, research methodology, and compulsory courses which concern the process of writing dissertation, especially the course consisting in presenting conceptualization of research question among them, are directly connected to FSE.

Requirements of the study

Doctoral study in Social Policy and Social Work (henceforth „DS SPSW“) lasts four years and can be prolonged for a maximum of seven years in justified cases. Students follow ensuing principles when designing their study plans: 1/ There are three courses which have to be passed in determined term in the study plan. These are “Thesis Workshop” in the 1th semester – submitting theoretical and methodological substantiation of dissertation research question and key steps of searching for its answer (25 ECTS); the defence of conceptualizing thesis research question in the 6th semester; passing SDE and defending dissertation usually in 8th semester, at the latest 8 years after starting studies in DS SPSW. The workload of elaborating dissertation can be expressed approximately by the aggregate number of 195 ECTS be collected for passing subjects devoted to elaborating dissertation during the eight semesters of standard duration of doctoral studies. 2/ Compulsory undergoing of one semester stay (consisting in minimum three months) at relevant foreign academic site, which purpose consists in executing project of elaborating dissertation research (20 ECTS). 3/ Compulsory completion of the course Social Work Branch Exam (11 ECTS). 4/ Passing compulsory one of the two selective courses in theory either, while the second course is facultative (15 ECTS). 5/ Passing compulsory one of the three pair of courses in research methodology, while the second and third pair of courses are facultative (11 + 15 ECTS). 6/ Access to SDE and to dissertation defence which follows SDE is preconditioned by collecting 240 ECTS for courses of DS SPSW, and by publishing at least two peer reviewed original academic texts (15 + 15 ECTS), one of which has to be published in journal registered by Scopus or Web of Science. The second text is defined in terms of peer reviewed in standard academic manner. 7/ Participation on in minimum one international conference of doctoral students (15 ECTS). 8/ The total credit value of courses enrolled has to be at least 20 ECTS in every semester.
The student's individual plan of study includes, in accordance with the MU Study Regulations, the student's participation in the teaching. The form of participation may consist in assisting in the course, conducting or opposing bachelor's theses, or in the preparation of teaching texts. With the approval of the faculty board, the student can take part in lectures. The particular form of participation in the teaching is negotiated jointly by the student, the supervisor and the head of the department.

Proposal of dissertation topics and topics of defended dissertations

Dissertation topics concern helping interventions (i.e. social policy programmes or case social work interventions); social problems or living situations which are helping interventions targets; designing, implementing or evaluating concrete measures; actors (makers, implementers, administrators, target subjects) of helping interventions or complex contexts or processes of their designing, implementing or evaluating. Topic examples of theses focused on the above mentioned matters are as follows: „actions of Trans-governmental networks and implementing the principle of non-refoulement“; “the dilemma of child safety vs. family autonomy and modern child protection”; „domestic violence against men and social work in Nigeria: a case of Ondo-state“; “the effect of social transfers on education, food security and healthcare in Ghana”; “Strategies of statutory social insurance security schemes and extending old age coverage to the informal economy in Sub-Saharan Africa“.

Recommended progress through the study plan

Compulsory courses

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FSS:SPPd0004Thesis Aim Workshop L. Musilk 0/2/025 1-
FSS:SPPd0005Social Work Field Examination P. Navrátilzk 0/2/011 2-
FSS:SPPd0010Article L. Musilz 0/0/015 4-
FSS:FSS900Research Abroad M. Vaculíkk 0/0/020 4-
FSS:SPPd0020International Conference of Ph.D. students (TISSA, EUSOC, OSS etc.) L. Musilz 0/0/020 5-
FSS:SPPd0009Presentation of Conceptualisation of Doctoral Thesis L. Musilk 0/0/035 6-
FSS:SPPd0008Thesis L. Musilk 0/0/060 8-
186 credits

Selective courses

  • SPPd0001 or SPPd0002
  • one out of three pairs of courses SPPd0003+SPPd0007, SPPd0014+SPPd0015 or SPPd0016+SPPd0017

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FSS:SPPd0001Social Policy Theory T. Sirovátkazk 0/2/015 3-
FSS:SPPd0002Social Work Theory P. Navrátilzk 0/2/015 3-
FSS:SPPd0003Evaluation 1 T. Sirovátkaz 0/2/011 4-
FSS:SPPd0007Evaluation 2 T. Sirovátkazk 0/2/015 5-
FSS:SPPd0014Research in Social Work 1 L. Musilz 0/2/011 4-
FSS:SPPd0015Research in Social Work 2 L. Musilzk 0/2/015 5-
FSS:SPPd0016Theory and Methodology of qualitative research 1 J. Winklerz 0/0/011 4-
FSS:SPPd0017Theory and Methodology of qualitative research 2 J. Winklerzk 0/0/015 5-
108 credits

Elective courses

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FSS:FSS990Placement Abroad M. Vaculíkk 0/0/0- --
FSS:SPPd0006Goals and Principles of Social Policy L. Musilz 0/2/011 2-
FSS:SPPd0021First draft of the Article L. Musilz 0/0/010 2-
FSS:SPPd0027Participation in teaching L. Musilz 0/1/020 2-
FSS:SPPd0024Seminar on actual topic L. Musilz 6/0/012 4-
FSS:SPPd0012Refinement of Thesis L. Musilz 0/0/020 5-
FSS:SPPd0011Stay L. Musilz 0/0/015 7-
FSS:SPPd0019Facultative publication of topic of Thesis L. Musilz 0/0/020 7-
108 credits