FF FBRLpV Study of Religions
Name in Czech: Religionistika
Bachelor's full-time minor
Included in the programme: FF B-RL_ Study of Religions

Compulsory courses

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FF:RLBcA001Introduction to the Study of Religions J. Valtrovázk 2/0/05 1Z
FF:RLBcA002Buddhism I J. Valtrovázk 2/0/04+1 1P
FF:RLBcA003Buddhism II J. Valtrovázk 2/0/04+1 2P
FF:RLBcA004Indian Religions M. Fujdazk 2/0/04+1 3P
FF:RLBcA005Judaism D. Papoušekzk 2/0/04+1 3P
FF:RLBcA006Christianity I D. Zbíralzk 2/0/04+1 1P
FF:RLBcA007Christianity II J. Cigánzk 2/0/04+1 2P
FF:RLBcA008Islam J. Valtrovázk 2/0/04+1 4P
FF:RLBcA009Religions of the Ancient Mediterranean and Near East D. Papoušekzk 2/0/04+1 2P
FF:RLBcA010Current Religious Situation in the Czech Republic D. Václavíkzk 1/1/04+1 5P
FF:RLBcA012History of the Study of Religions R. Kundtzk 2/0/04+1 6P
FF:RLBcA100Final Bachelor's Examination Seminar R. Kundtk 0/2/05 6-
FF:RLZkBFinal Bachelor's Examination J. ValtrováSZk 0/0/0- 6-
60 credits