FF FNREpJ Modern Greek Language and Literature
Name in Czech: Novořecký jazyk a literatura
master's full-time single-subject
Included in the programme: FF N-RE_ Modern Greek Language and Literature

Master's thesis

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FF:REMgrD01Master's Thesis Seminar I M. Kulhánkováz 0/2/010 3P
FF:REMgrD02Master's Thesis Seminar II M. Kulhánkováz 0/2/010 4P
20 credits

Compulsory courses

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FF:KR027Historical and Critical Introduction to the New Testament J. Franekk 2/0/04 3P
FF:MEDMgr01Selected literary theories and methods of textual interpretation K. Petrovićovák 1/1/04 1Z
FF:REMgr01Introduction to Byzantine Literature M. Kulhánkovázk 2/0/05 1Z
FF:REMgr02Greek Literature of the 15th - 18th Century M. Kulhánkovázk 2/0/05 3Z
FF:REMgr03Interpretation of a Literary Text I (Early Literature) M. Kulhánkováz 0/2/04 1P
FF:REMgr04Interpretation of a Literary Text II (Modern Literature) N. Votavová Sumelidisováz 0/2/04 2P
FF:REMgr05Translation Seminar for Mgr. N. Votavová Sumelidisováz 0/2/0 0.4 2P
FF:REMgr06History of the Modern Greek Language I M. Kulhánkovázk 1/1/05 3Z
FF:REMgr07History of the Modern Greek Language II M. Kulhánkovázk 1/1/05 4Z
FF:REMgr09The "Katharevousa" K. Bočková Loudováz 0/2/04 4P
FF:REMgr10Practical Language - Advanced I K. Bočková Loudováz 0/2/0 0.4 1P
FF:REMgr11Writing in Modern Greek I K. Bočková Loudováz 0/2/0 0.4 2P
FF:REMgr12History of the Byzantine Empire K. Tsivosk 2/0/04 3P
FF:REMgr13History of Greece of the 15th – 18th centuries K. Tsivosk 2/0/04 4P
FF:REMgr20Classical Greek for M. A. K. Bočková Loudováz 0/2/04 3P
64 credits

Selective courses

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FF:KR024Greek Philosophy of Late Antiquity and Early Christianity J. Franekz 2/0/04 --
FF:KR025Reading Homer's Iliad J. Franekk 2/0/04 --
FF:KR026Reading Homer's Odyssey J. Franekk 2/0/04 --
FF:LgMA01Introduction to Indo-European comparative linguistics I V. Blažekzk 1/1/05 --
FF:LgMA02Introduction to Indo-European comparative linguistics II V. Blažekzk 1/1/05 --
FF:NARX11Classical and Post-Classical Narratologies B. Fořtk 0/2/04 --
FF:REBc36Intensive Study Seminar N. Votavová Sumelidisováz 0/30/04 --
FF:REBc37Internship N. Votavová Sumelidisováz 0/0/06 --
FF:REBc40Divided Island: History of Cyprus after World War II in international context K. Bočková Loudováz 2/0/04 --
FF:REBc41Introduction to the Study of Greek Music K. Bočková Loudováz 1/1/03 --
FF:REMgr14Writing in Modern Greek II K. Bočková Loudováz 0/2/0 0.4 --
FF:REMgr15Practical Language - Advanced II K. Bočková Loudováz 0/2/0 0.4 --
FF:REMgr16Modern Greek Dialectology K. Bočková Loudováz 1/1/0 0.4 --
FF:REMgr17Seminar on Literature and Translation N. Votavová Sumelidisováz 0/2/0 0.4 --
FF:REMgr21Saints and Holy (Wo)Men in Byzantine Literature and Art M. Kulhánkovák 1/1/04 --
FF:REMgr22Marvellous and Macabre Tales from Byzantium: Novels and Romances M. Kulhánkovák 1/1/05 --
FF:REMgrB01History of the Byzantine Art I. Radovák 1/13 --
FF:REBc42Kalvos and Solomos: two poets between Greece and Italy K. Bočková Loudovázk 1/1/06 --
FF:REMgr23Research Seminar in Modern Greek and Byzantine Studies M. Kulhánkováz 0/2/04 --
81 credits

Elective courses