FF FBDVpV Theatre Studies
Name in Czech: Divadelní studia
Bachelor's full-time minor
Included in the programme: FF B-DS_ Theatre Studies

Povinné předměty (48 kr.)

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FF:DISB001Theatre in the History of European Culture 1 K. Stehlíkovázk 2/0/54 1Z
FF:DISB002Introduction to Theatre Studies Š. Havlíčková Kysovázk 2/0/54 1Z
FF:DISB003Drama as Literature I Š. Havlíčková Kysovázk 2/0/54 1Z
FF:DISB004Theatre in the History of European Culture 2 K. Stehlíkovázk 2/0/54 2Z
FF:DISB005Non-Aesthetic Functions of Theatre M. Musilovázk 2/0/54 2Z
FF:DISB006Theatre Production as an Artefact I D. Drozdzk 2/0/54 2Z
FF:DISB007Drama as Literature II Š. Havlíčková Kysovázk 2/0/54 2Z
FF:DISB008First year bachelor's degree complex exam Š. Havlíčková Kysovázk 0/0/0- 2Z
FF:DISB009Theatre Production as an Artefact II D. Drozdzk 2/0/54 3Z
FF:DISB011Classical Theatre Š. Havlíčková Kysovázk 2/0/54 3Z
FF:DISB012Elizabethan Theatre Š. Havlíčková Kysovázk 2/0/54 4Z
FF:DISB013Professional Baroque Theatre in Bohemia and Moravia M. Havlíčkovázk 2/0/54 5Z
FF:DISB014Czech Romantic Theatre M. Havlíčkovázk 2/0/54 6Z
FF:DISB019Bachelor's State Exam Š. Havlíčková KysováSZk 0/0/0- 6-
48 credits

Povinně volitelné předměty (12 kr.)

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FF:DISBS01Theatre Criticism Š. Havlíčková Kysovázk 0/2/76 3P
FF:DISBS02Theatre director D. Drozdzk 0/2/76 4P
FF:DISBS03Heuristic Seminar M. Havlíčkovázk 0/2/76 5P
FF:DISBS04Ludvig Holberg - moral, satire, utopia K. Stehlíkovázk 0/2/76 6P
FF:DISBS05Theatre Archive M. Havlíčkovázk 0/2/76 3P
FF:DISBS06Representatives of critique in Brno M. Havlíčkovázk 0/2/76 4P
FF:DISBS07In between the texts (dramatisation and adaptation) D. Drozdzk 0/2/76 5P
FF:DISBS08Opera productions in Brno Š. Havlíčková Kysovázk 0/2/76 6P
FF:DISBS09Theatricality of Public Events M. Musilovázk 0/2/76 3P
FF:DISBS10Brno Theatre Space K. Stehlíkovázk 0/2/76 4P
60 credits