FF FDROLIpJ Romance literatures
Name in Czech: Románské literatury
doctoral full-time
Included in the programme: FF D-ROLI_ Romance Literatures

Final state doctoral examination and defence of the doctoral thesis

The candidate will prepare a theoretical explanation of three problem areas from the field of literary theory, poetics (genology, verse theory, drama theory, etc.) and literary history. These problem areas will be selected in cooperation with the supervisor at the latest 2 months before the date of the state doctoral examination. Those problem areas should be different from the dissertation topic.

Requirements of the study

The key components of the study duties are related to the preparation and processing of the dissertation, which represents a comprehensive scientific publication based on original research.
The obligatory activities of the student are formulated in his/her individual study plan: In addition to the compulsory courses, they include his/her own creative activities - active participation in at least two conferences and publication of at least one study in a professional periodical. Other professional activities at the workplace may include, for example, teaching, editorial work, organizational cooperation in connection with conferences.
Part of the study is also a study stay at a foreign university or other research institution chosen with regard to the thesis topics. The foreign internship is supposed will have a total scope corresponding to one semester and will eventually be spread over several periods and involve more than one institution.
Compulsory subjects of doctoral studies include four types of subjects.
Subjects directly related to the achievement of the, such as Research (ROMDSVPL), Thesis Abstract (ROMDTDP), Doctoral Exam (ROMDZKL), Thesis (ROMDP).
Another type of compulsory subjects is focused on training: Methodology (NARD 50), taught in English and Methods, Analysis and Interpretation (CLDS_26). Both subjects represent a common transversal basis of literary-oriented doctoral programs. Romance Literatures (ROMDLI1), both Doctoral Seminars (ROMLIS 1 and 2), both Conferences (ROMLIKONF 1 and 2), Paper (ROMDOP01) and Foreign Internship (ROMDZS), are orientated to the Romance literatures studies.
Compulsory courses also include Philosophy for Doctoral Studies (PHDZ1 and 2) and Language Exam of one foreign language of choice (CJV_D_A, CJV_D_F, CJV_D_N, CJV_ D_R, CJV_D_S).
In addition, students complete their curricula by choosing three from the list of compulsory elective courses. This offer represents a common literary-oriented doctoral program across disciplines: Multilingualism and Cultural Interface (ROMDJK), Intermediality and Adaptation (CLDS_a27), Literary Values and Canonicity (AJ34120, English), Selected Chapters of Literature and Culture Theory (AJ34140, in English), Fiction and Fictionality (NARD51), Methodology of Literary and Cultural History (NJDSL4_30).
The remaining number of credits can be supplemented by optional courses according to the agreement with the supervisor.

Proposal of dissertation topics and topics of defended dissertations

L'écrivain fictif dans l'oeuvre de Gérard Bessette
A travers le miroir du merveilleux. Les romans du pays incertain de Jacques Ferron
La imagen de la Revolución mexicana en el teatro
Marruecos en la prosa española: Tánger y Marrakech en las novelas de Juan Goytisolo
Italo Calvino: la significazione dello spazio
Censimento dei manoscritii e edizione di testi inediti
O tema da criaçäo literária no Diário de Miguel Torga

Recommended progress through the study plan

Compulsory courses

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FF:PHDZ1Philosophy for doctoral studies 1 J. Krobz 0/0/0 6x2 hodiny.5 1-
FF:PHDZ2Philosophy for doctoral studies 2 J. Krobk 0/0/0 3x2 hodiny za semestr.5 2-
FF:ROMDLI1Romance Literatures: Comparative Approach P. Kyloušekzk in blocks - formou konzultací15 1-
FF:NARD50Methodology of literary criticism B. Fořtzk 0/0/0 blok.15 1-
FF:CLDS_a26Methods, analysis and interpretations Z. Fišerzk 0/0/0 blok.15 2-
FF:ROMDOP01Scientific paper I P. Kyloušekz 0/0/0 blok.10 5-
FF:ROMDPDoctoral Thesis P. Kyloušekz 0/0/025 8-
FF:ROMDSPVLResearch and Study P. Kyloušekz 0/0/0 blok.10 2-
FF:ROMDTDPDoctoral Thesis Abstract P. Kyloušekz 0/0/05 8-
FF:ROMDZKLDoctoral Exam P. Kyloušekzk 0/0/010 7-
FF:ROMDZSResearch and Study Stay I P. Kyloušekz 0/0/0 blok.5 3-
FF:ROMLIKONF1Conference I P. Kyloušekz 0/0/05 4-
FF:ROMLIKONF2Conference II P. Kyloušekz 0/0/05 6-
FF:ROMLISEM1Doctoral seminar I P. Kyloušekz 0/0/05 2-
FF:ROMLISEM2Doctoral seminar II P. Kyloušekz 0/0/05 4-
140 credits

Povinné předměty - cizí jazyk

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FF:CJV_D_AEnglish for Doctoral Studies J. Lennonzk 0/0/04 4-
FF:CJV_D_FFrench for Doctoral Studies L. Václavíkzk 0/0/04 4-
FF:CJV_D_NGerman for Doctoral Studies P. Chládkovázk 0/0/04 4-
FF:CJV_D_RRussian for PhD Studies - C1 M. Ševečkovázk 0/0/04 4-
FF:CJV_D_SSpanish for Doctoral Studies V. De Azevedo Camachozk 0/0/04 4-
20 credits

Povinně volitelné

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FF:ROMDJKMultilingualism and cultural interfaces P. Kyloušekzk 0/0/0 blok.15 3-
FF:CLDS_a27Intermediality and adaptation P. Bubeníčekzk 0/0/0 blok.15 4-
FF:AJ34120Literary Value and Canonicity M. Kaylorzk 0/0/0 Bloková výuka.15 5-
FF:AJ34140Selected Chapters in Literary and Cultural Theory T. Pospíšilzk 0/0/015 6-
FF:NARD51Fiction and fictionality B. Fořtzk 0/0/0 blok.15 6-
FF:NJDSL4_30Methodology of Literary and Cultural History A. Urválekz 0/0/0 blok.15 3-
90 credits


Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FF:ROMDAK1Supplementary Activity I P. Kyloušekz 0/0/05 --
FF:ROMDZS2Research and Study Stay II P. Kyloušekz 0/0/0 blok.5 4-
FF:ROMDZS3Research and Study Stay III P. Kyloušekz 0/0/0 blok.5 5-
FF:CLDS_a28Theories of Translation for PhD Z. Fišerzk 0/0/0 blok.15 5-
FF:ROMDZS4Research and Study Stay IV P. Kyloušekz 0/0/05 6-
FF:ROMLIKONF3Conference III P. Kyloušekz 0/0/05 7-
FF:ROMDOP02Scientific paper II P. Kyloušekz 0/0/0 blok.10 7-
FF:ROMDTP4Writing seminar IV P. Kyloušekz 0/0/020 9-
70 credits