FF FNANDRpH Andragogy
Name in Czech: Andragogika
master's full-time major
Included in the programme: FF N-ANDR_ Andragogy

Compulsory courses

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FF:PAM001Andragogy I M. Rabušicovázk 2/0/06 1Z
FF:PAM002Andragogy II M. Rabušicovázk 1/1/06 2Z
FF:PAM003Educational Policy M. Rabušicovázk 2/0/06 1Z
FF:PAM004Quantitative Research P. Hlaďozk 1/1/06 2Z
FF:PAM005Qualitative Research K. Šeďovázk 1/1/06 1Z
FF:PAM008Career counselling in adult education B. Lazarovázk 1/1/06 3Z
FF:PAM009Professional Training P. Novotnýz 0/0/0 Praxe - 100 hodin.6 3Z
FF:PAM010Didactics of Adult Education M. Rabušicovázk 1/1/06 2Z
48 credits

Selective courses

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FF:PAM007Management of Education Processes M. Polzk 1/1/06 3P
FF:PAM102Human Resource Management B. Lazarováz 0/2/04 2P
FF:PAM103Geragogy D. Knotováz 1/1/04 3P
FF:PAM105The Inovation in a Czech School P. Novotnýz 0/2/04 3P
FF:PAM106Multicultural Education D. Knotováz 1/1/04 1P
FF:PAM107Law for Andragogy J. Harvánekz 1/1/04 2P
FF:PAM108Management and project planning P. Novotnýz 1/1/04 3P
FF:PAM109Economics for andragogy P. Novotnýz 1/1/04 3P
FF:PAM112Philosophy of Education M. Polz 1/1/04 1P
FF:PAM117Personal and Social Skills Training P. Novotnýz 10/16/04 3P
FF:PAM123Global Education P. Novotnýz 1/1/05 3P
FF:PAM125E-learning J. Zounekz 0/2/06 4P
FF:PAM126Analysis of Quantitive Data M. Sedláčekz 0/2/06 3P
FF:PAM127Intergenerational learning projects in the community M. Rabušicováz 1/1/04 4P
FF:PAM129Professional learning and organizations P. Novotnýk 0/0/05 2P
FF:PAM130Andragogical Seminar P. Novotnýz 1/1/04 2P
FF:PAM131Education and schooling in the 21st century M. Rabušicováz 1/1/05 1P
FF:PAM132Research methods in adult education P. Novotnýz 0/0/05 3P
FF:PAM133Assessment centers B. Lazarováz 0/16/04 2P
FF:PAM135The basis for lecturer P. Novotnýz 1/1/03 3P
FF:PAM136Equality in Education K. Záleskáz 2/2/06 3P
FF:PAM141Intercultural competence D. Knotováz 0/16/04 4P
FF:PAM145Data analysis and visualization in education M. Sedláčekz 1/1/04 3P
FF:PAM146Towards Successful Seniority P. Hlaďoz 0/16/04 4P
FF:PAM147Age management P. Hlaďoz 0/16/04 3P
FF:PAM149Evaluation in Education M. Polz 1/1/04 4P
115 credits

Diplomová práce (min 20kr.)

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FF:PAM180Final Dissertation Seminar P. Novotnýz 0/0/1010 --
FF:PAM181Final Dissertation Seminar II. P. Novotnýz 0/0/1010 --
FF:PAM199Master’s Thesis P. Novotnýz 0/0/0 individuálně.- --
20 credits