FSS DSAJ04 Population studies
Name in Czech: Population studies
doctoral combined specialized
Included in the programme: FSS D-SAJ_ Sociology

Final state doctoral examination and defence of the doctoral thesis

The aim of the exam is to examine theoretical and methodological knowledge of PhD candidates. The exam is based on the prescribed literature, representing following areas: basic scientific-methodological approaches, crucial sociological theoretical paradigms and current discourses about the nature of theory and/or ongoing social changes, relevant for the doctoral thesis.
The exam takes place in the presence of a committee consisting of professors appointed by the dean (committee is recommended by the PhD Board and approved by the Scientific Board of the faculty). Committee consists of 5-9 members, at least two of these members are NOT employees of Masaryk University.
The application is submitted to the Office for Research and Project Support of the Faculty of Social Studies. Dates are defined by this Office. Deadlines are specified in the academic calendar (see https://www.fss.muni.cz/students/bachelor_and_master_studies/schedule_and_timetable).
Literature list for state exams
Student attaches the list of chosen titles to the doctoral state exam application. The application together with the attached list is then submitted to the committee. The list includes: 4 titles from the general sociology (one title from each group), 3 titles from the methodological literature one title from each group) and 5 titles related to the topic of the dissertation thesis. In total: 12 books.
The full list of items to choose from can be found in the "SOCIOLOGY Doctoral Programme Regulations" (see http://soc.fss.muni.cz/media/3004723/sociology-english-phd-programme-rules_august_act.pdf)

The defence takes place in the presence of a committee, consisting of habilitated members appointed by the dean (members are recommended by the Doctoral Board and approved by the faculty Scientific board). Committee consists of 5-9 members, at least two of these members are NOT employees of the Masaryk University. Supervisor is one of committee members but she/he cannot chair the committee. Two reviewers are suggested by the Doctoral Board and appointed by the dean (one of the opponents is NOT employed at the Masaryk University).
Dissertation defense is public. Defendant must show the knowledge of literature key in the field of dissertation topic and must show the knowledge and understanding of its methodology. Defense usually lasts 120 minutes.

Requirements of the study

Students must obtain 240 credits.
Students must prepare an individual study plan during their 1st semester. It must be based on the Frame Study Plan outlined above. The Individual Study Plan is prepared by the student and approved by the supervisor; it includes single tasks, steps and obligations planned for each semester/year of studies.
The Plan:
-is obligatory
-is scheduled for the period of standard length of studies (4 years)
-is approved by the PhD Board
-is controlled at the end of each year (i.e. in June)

In order to make changes to the Plan it is necessary to submit a written request (written by the student or supervisor); the final decision is based upon supervisor’s comment/recommendation and the current stage of the dissertation thesis.

Procedures regarding the control of the Individual Study Plan are regulated by the Dean’s Directive for Research and by the PhD Board regulations. The Plan is controlled yearly (at the end of each academic year) via the IS system. Student is obliged to provide necessary and required documents/materials to her/his supervisor (documents are uploaded directly to the IS system). Supervisor comments on submitted materials and her/his recommendations are further judged by members of the PhD Board.
A doctoral student has following obligations:
- attend and complete courses, take exams
- communicate actively and regularly with the supervisor; inform her/him about the results, partial outcomes, publications, about the progress in dissertation thesis; provide documents and materials necessary for the yearly control, for evaluation of the studies and for potential changes to the Plan
- publish at least TWO book reviews (the first review should be published by the end of the second year; the second review should be published by the end of the studies)
- publish the dissertation research outcomes in scientific peer-reviewed journals
- present the results of own dissertation research at least at one or two domestic (preferably international) scientific conferences
- full-time students must attend public presentations of their colleagues (SOC939)
-regular attendance at departmental research colloquia is strongly recommended
Furthermore, it is recommended to attend defenses of all doctoral students.

Proposal of dissertation topics and topics of defended dissertations

Selected theses defended since 2013:
Kotišová, Johana "Freezing: An ethnography of crisis reporters" (supervisors - C. Szaló and Ch. Dubois, 2018, archive at https://is.muni.cz/th/akipt/?zpet=%2Fvyhledavani%2F%3Fsearch%3Dkoti%C5%A1ov%C3%A1%26start%3D1;info=1)
Porkertová, Hana "Nevidomá zkušenost: disabilita jako asambláž a vztah mezi diskurzem, tělem a zkušeností" (supervisor K. Nedbálková, 2017, archive at https://is.muni.cz/th/dq71v/?zpet=%2Fvyhledavani%2F%3Fsearch%3DPorkertov%C3%A1%20agenda:th%26start%3D1;info=1)
Obrovská, Jana "Rituály s těmi druhými: Etnografie etnicit a etnizací v desegregované školní třídě" (supervisor R. Marada, 2017, archive at https://is.muni.cz/th/k5x75/?zpet=%2Fvyhledavani%2F%3Fsearch%3Dobrovsk%C3%A1%26start%3D1;info=1)
Janoušková, Miroslava "Active participants or passive patients? Representation of problems in Czech mental health policy and their effects on the subjectification of people with mental illness" (supervisor - S. Saxonberg, 2016, archive at https://is.muni.cz/th/tszfx/?zpet=%2Fvyhledavani%2F%3Fsearch%3Djanou%C5%A1kov%C3%A1%26start%3D1)
Potančok Juraj "Perception of Fatherhood by Young Fathers in the Changing Contemporary Family" (supervisor - I. Možný, 2015, archive at https://is.muni.cz/th/mcra5/)

Recommended progress through the study plan

Required courses

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FSS:SOCd0112Publications C. Szalók 0/0/020 8-
FSS:SOCd0114Publication II C. Szalóz 0/0/020 --
FSS:SOCd0103Texts from the General Sociology I C. Szalóz 0/0/015 --
FSS:SOCd0105Dissertation Thesis Seminar II P. Baršak 0/0/025 5-
FSS:SOCd0106Creative Writing in Sociology B. Jaworskyz in blocks - Termíny budou/jsou určeny v sylabu ( Manipulace se studijními materiály)20 2-
FSS:SOCd0109Dissertation preparation M. Kreidlk 0/0/020 --
FSS:SOCd0110Conference presentation M. Kreidlz 0/0/05 7-
FSS:SOCd0111Public Presentation of Dissertation M. Kreidlk 0/0/015 7-
FSS:SOCd0101Dissertation Projects Seminar M. Kreidlk 0/0/020 --
FSS:SOCd0102Methodological Seminar K. Nedbálkovák 0/0/015 --
FSS:SOCd0107Review I M. Kreidlz 0/0/02 --
FSS:SOCd0108Review II M. Kreidlz 0/0/03 --
180 credits

Required internship

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FSS:FSSd0900Research Abroad M. Vaculíkk 0/0/020 4-
FSS:FSSd0990Placement Abroad M. Vaculíkk 0/0/020 4-
40 credits

Selective courses

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FSS:FSSd0905French K. Sedláčkovázk 0/0/04 --
FSS:FSSd0910Study Visit M. Vaculíkz 0/0/04 4-
FSS:FSSd0920Presentation of the academic paper at the international workshop (EUSOC) T. Sirovátkaz 0/0/015 3-
FSS:FSSd0902German for Doctoral Studies R. Heroutzk 0/0/04 --
FSS:FSSd0903Russian for PhD Studies - C1 M. Ševečkovázk 0/0/04 --
FSS:FSSd0904Spanish for Doctoral Studies V. De Azevedo Camachozk 0/0/04 --
FSS:SOCd0115Seminars at other Czech Universities L. Rabušicz 0/0/015 5-
FSS:SOCd0116Supervised teaching practicum C. Szalóz 0/0/0- 3-
FSS:SOCd0119Seminar for finalization of Dissertation L. Rabušick 0/0/020 8-
FSS:SOCd0120Seminar for finalization of Dissertation L. Rabušick 0/0/020 9-
FSS:SOCd0121Seminar for finalization of Dissertation L. Rabušick 0/0/020 10-
FSS:SOCd0122Seminar for finalization of Dissertation L. Rabušick 0/0/020 11-
FSS:SOCd0123Seminar for finalization of Dissertation L. Rabušick 0/0/020 12-
FSS:SOCd0124Seminar for finalization of Dissertation L. Rabušick 0/0/020 13-
FSS:SOCd0125Seminar for finalization of Dissertation L. Rabušick 0/0/020 14-
FSS:SOCd0126Seminar for finalization of Dissertation L. Rabušick 0/0/020 15-
210 credits

Required courses of specialization

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FSS:SOCd0117Applied demography M. Kreidlz 0/0/0 blokově.15 3-
FSS:SOCd0113Data Analysis T. Katrňákz 0/0/020 2-
35 credits