Study plan je neaktivní.

PrF DPRP08 Roman Law (inactive)
Name in Czech: Římské právo
doctoral combined specialized
Included in the programme: PrF DPRP_ History of Law and Roman Law

Final state doctoral examination and defence of the doctoral thesis

The final state doctoral examination is a complex exam of all subjects taught in the corresponding specialization apart from a world language. During the exam, the student proves deeper theoretical knowledge in the corresponding field of study and his wider scientific basis, capability to acquire new scientific knowledge, evaluate them and use them in a creative way.
Part of the final state doctoral examination is a discussion about submitted theses of the doctoral thesis.
The student must hand in these theses at the latest with the application for the final state doctoral examination.
Other requirements are established by the subject committee of the corresponding field of study.
The student can apply for the final state doctoral examination at the earliest in the 6. and at the latest in the 8. semester. The application for the final state doctoral examination is submitted in writing after fulfilling all of the subjects of the 1. to 6. semester (including).

In the doctoral thesis, the student presents outcomes he gained during the study in the programme. The thesis has to contain original and published outcomes or outcomes approved to be published.
Filing the application for the defence is conditioned by previous successful passing the final state doctoral examination or simultaneous filing an application for the final state doctoral examination – in this case, the defence and the final state doctoral examination take place in one day.
Deadlines for filing the applications for the defence of the doctoral thesis are as follows:

  • for the spring semester until 31st of January of the preceding autumn semester,

  • for the autumn semester until 30th of June of the preceding spring semester.

    As a condition to admission to the defence, the student must reach the amount of 5 publishing outcomes (detailed conditions are established by the subject council).

  • Requirements of the study

    Research activities:

  • Preparation of the doctoral thesis – it takes places during the whole time of the study and it accounts for min. 60 % of the workload

  • Publishing activity – consists of at least 5 articles in journals or almanacs (alternatively of chapters in monographs) and it accounts for 10 % of the workload

  • Pedagogical activity (participating in the tuition) – the postgraduate student can participate in holding seminars or preparing materials for the tuition – it accounts for 10 % of the workload

  • Attendance at a conference – it is necessary to prove an active attendance at at least two conferences

  • Foreign educational stay – is a part of the subject Internationalisation which is compulsory for the student to enrol in from the second to the seventh semester of the study. The foreign educational stay can be replaced by an active engagement in an international research project or by an active attendance at a conference abroad.

    Specialized subjects (max. 20 % of the workload in total): for a detailed list see the study schedule.

  • Proposal of dissertation topics and topics of defended dissertations

    In the last ten years, there were defended for example these doctoral theses:

  • Obrovská, Lucie: The Slave in the Roman Law, archiv: http://is.muni.cz/th/y8iwy/

  • Stará, Ivana: Family and its Importance in Roman Law, archiv: http://is.muni.cz/th/ghgzk/

  • Frýdek, Miroslav: Crimen maiestatis, archiv: http://is.muni.cz/th/nmkho/

  • Černoch, Radek: Falcidian Portion and its Reflection in Later Law, archiv: http://is.muni.cz/th/ab5lv/

  • Recommended progress through the study plan

    Compulsory courses

    Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
    PrF:DI1DIS01Dissertation - Individual Study Plan I J. Šilhánk 0/0/012 1-
    PrF:DI1PED01Development of Pedagogical Skills I J. Šilhánz 0/0/02 1-
    PrF:DI2DIS02Dissertation - Individual Study Plan II J. Šilhánk 0/0/015 2-
    PrF:DI2PED02Development of Pedagogical Skills II J. Šilhánz 0/0/02 2-
    PrF:DI3DIS03Dissertation - Individual Study Plan III J. Šilhánk 0/0/016 3-
    PrF:DI3PED03Development of Pedagogical Skills III J. Šilhánz 0/0/02 3-
    PrF:DI4DIS04Dissertation - Individual Study Plan IV J. Šilhánk 0/0/017 4-
    PrF:DI4PED04Development of Pedagogical Skills IV J. Šilhánz 0/0/02 4-
    PrF:DI5DIS05Dissertation - Individual Study Plan V J. Šilhánk 0/0/017 5-
    PrF:DI5PED05Development of Pedagogical Skills V J. Šilhánz 0/0/02 5-
    PrF:DI6DIS06Dissertation - Individual Study Plan VI J. Šilhánk 0/0/018 6-
    PrF:DI6PED06Development of Pedagogical Skills VI J. Šilhánz 0/0/02 6-
    PrF:DI7DIS07Dissertation - Individual Study Plan VII J. Šilhánk 0/0/025 7-
    PrF:DI8DIS08Dissertation - Individual Study Plan VIII J. Šilhánk 0/0/020 8-
    PrF:DIINTERInternacionalization J. Šilhánz 0/0/06 --
    PrF:DIKONFConference Presentation J. Šilhánz 0/0/02 --
    PrF:DIPUBScientific publication A, B, C J. Šilhánz 0/0/0- --
    PrF:DO1DEPR01Legal-Historical Method J. Tauchenz 0/0/05 1-
    PrF:DO1RIPR02Sources of Roman Law I. P. Salákz 0/0/03 1-
    PrF:DO2DEPR01Seminar of Legal History I. J. Tauchenz 0/0/03 2-
    PrF:DO2RIPR02Sources of Roman Law II. P. Salákz 0/0/03 2-
    PrF:DO2RIPR03Roman Family Law P. Salákz 0/0/02 2-
    PrF:DO3DEPR01Seminar of Legal History II. J. Tauchenz 0/0/03 3-
    PrF:DO3RIPR02Roman Law - Iura in Re P. Salákz 0/0/02 3-
    PrF:DO3RIPR03Reception of Roman Law I. P. Salákz 0/0/03 3-
    PrF:DO4DEPR01Seminar of Legal History III. J. Tauchenz 0/0/03 4-
    PrF:DO4RIPR02Roman Law – Law of Succession P. Salákz 0/0/02 4-
    PrF:DO4RIPR03Reception of Roman Law II. P. Salákz 0/0/03 4-
    PrF:DO5DEPR01Seminar of Legal History IV. J. Tauchenz 0/0/03 5-
    PrF:DO5RIPR02Roman Law – Obligations P. Salákz 0/0/05 5-
    PrF:DO6DEPR01Seminar of Legal History V. J. Tauchenz 0/0/03 6-
    PrF:DO6RIPR02Roman Public Law P. Salákz 0/0/05 6-
    PrF:DSANG1English I R. Šimekz 0/0/02 --
    PrF:DSANG2English II R. Šimekzk 0/0/02 --
    PrF:DSDANG3Second Language - Englisch R. Šimekk 0/0/02 --
    PrF:DSDFRA3Second Language - French K. Sedláčkovák 0/0/02 --
    PrF:DSDNEM3Second Language - German E. Šrámkovák 0/0/02 --
    PrF:DSFRA1French I K. Sedláčkováz 0/0/02 --
    PrF:DSFRA2French II K. Sedláčkovázk 0/0/02 --
    PrF:DSNEM1German I E. Šrámkováz 0/0/02 --
    PrF:DSNEM2German II E. Šrámkovázk 0/0/02 --
    226 credits

    Selective courses

    Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
    PrF:DSPVP01Jurisprudence and legal research - methodological approaches M. Škopz 0/0/02 --
    PrF:DSPVP02Working with resources J. Kotásekz 0/0/02 --
    PrF:DSPVP03Presentation and Pedagogical Skills J. Šilhánz 0/0/02 --
    PrF:DSPVP04Historical Research in Law J. Tauchenz 0/0/02 --
    PrF:DSPVP05Social Science Methods in Law D. Kosařz 0/0/02 --
    PrF:DSPVP06Legal argumentation T. Sobekz 0/0/02 --
    PrF:DSPVP07Grant and Project Preparation J. Šilhánz 0/0/02 --
    14 credits

    Elective courses

    Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
    PrF:DIV7PED07Development of Pedagogical Skills VII J. Šilhánz 0/0/02 7-
    PrF:DIV8PED08Development of Pedagogical Skills VIII J. Šilhánz 0/0/02 8-
    4 credits