PdF DDCIJ02 Didactics of Foreign Language
Name in Czech: Didaktika cizího jazyka
doctoral combined
Included in the programme: PdF D-DCIJ Didactics of Foreign Language

Final state doctoral examination and defence of the doctoral thesis

State Doctoral Examination and Defence of the Dissertation
The condition for completion of the study is the completion of the state doctoral examination and successful defence of the dissertation (SZŘ MU, art. 32). The application for the state doctoral examination can be submitted after all the prescribed study requirements have been fulfilled i.e. all subjects of the study plan, except the last registration of the courses of Dissertation Thesis and Expertise in Research Field, and Research Internship Abroad and Presentations at Conferences) and the theses of the dissertation has been submitted.
The first part of the state doctoral examination is a defence of the theses of the dissertation. The second part of the state doctoral examination is a discussion in which knowledge and orientation are tested (1) in pedagogy and pedagogical research methodology, (2) in linguistics, (3) in foreign language didactics and methodology of research into foreign language teaching and learning, and specialized knowledge relevant for the dissertation research.
Study in the doctoral study programme is completed by the defence of the dissertation, which demonstrates the ability to work independently in the field of research or development.
The Doctoral Board also recognizes a set of already published or accepted works on a given topic as a dissertation, which the student provides with a comprehensive introduction to the issue, description of research methods and commentary (SZŘ MU, art. 30, par. 2).
If the student submits the results of collective scientific work in which he/she participated, the parts of the work that the student has prepared must be clearly marked in the thesis. This work must also include a statement of co-authors confirming the marked parts of the student's authorship and evaluating his/her share (SZŘ MU, art. 30, para. 4, § b and c).
The dissertation is written in Czech, Slovak, English, French, German or Russian.
The dissertation is accompanied by a self-report (written in Czech, Slovak, English, French, German or Russian), which contains the main ideas of the dissertation, brief information on the methodology used and a summary of the results. According to SZŘ MU (Art. 32), the abstract of the dissertation, the list of published works of the candidate (typically generated from IS MU) and the works accepted for publication and the curriculum vitae are part of the self-report.

Requirements of the study

Study and research requirements are set in accordance with the Dean's Directive 5/2019 Standard Requirements for Study and Results of Students in Doctoral Degree Programmes at PdF MU.
Research activities:
- Preparation of the dissertation: it takes place throughout the study period.
- Defence of the thesis: usually after the 7th semester.
- Publications: at least 4 publications, at least one of which should be in a WoS or Scopus journal and one in a reviewed journal.
Teaching activities (participation in teaching): a PhD student can participate in supervising bachelor theses, teaching seminars, etc., for a maximum of 150 hours per study.
Internship abroad : must be completed in a minimum length of 3 months for the period of study.
Participation at conference: active participation in at least 2 international and 2 national conferences.
- Foreign language didactics as an academic discipline
- Theory of foreign language acquisition
- Methodology of academic work in pedagogy 1 and 2
- Research methodology in foreign language didactics 1 and 2
- Foreign language at B1 level
- One compulsory optional subject from the linguistic block (Pragmalinguistics, Sociolinguistics).

Proposal of dissertation topics and topics of defended dissertations

Opportunities for Development of Learner Autonomy in English Lessons at Upper-Elementary Schools and the Role of Teacher Beliefs about Learner Autonomy and its Development

Using Pedagogical Translation in English Language Teaching at Grammar Schools: Current State and the Possibilities of Using the Contemporary Concept of Pedagogical Translation

Language learning strategies among blind students of English as a foreign language

Reading in English as a foreign language in deaf university students

Discourse Competence Development in EFL Academic Writing as a Result of Participation in an E-learning Course

Motivation to learn German in the context of teaching foreign professional and academic language

Learning styles of adult English students and their learning outcomes

The teacher as the main source of motivation of pupils to learn German

Literary texts and the development of intercultural (communication) competence

Recommended progress through the study plan


Příprava disertační práce a odborná orientace v oboru

Předmět Příprava dizertační práce si zapisují studenti 8 x, celkem tedy splní 120 kreditů. Předmět Odborná orientace v oboru si studenti zapisují 8 x, celkem tedy splní 40 kreditů.

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
PdF:DCJC008Dissertation Thesis V. Janíkovák 0/0/015 --
PdF:DCJC009Expertise in Research Field V. Janíkovák 0/0/05 --
20 credits
Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
PdF:DCJC001Foreign Language Didactics as a Scientific Discipline V. Janíkovázk 0/0/010 1-
PdF:DCJC002Second Language Acquisition S. Hanušovázk 0/0/010 3-
PdF:DCJC003Research Methods in Education T. Janíkzk 0/0/011 1-
PdF:DCJC005Research Methods Foreign Language Didactics 1 V. Janíkováz 0/0/03 3-
PdF:DCJC006Research Methods Foreign Language Didactics 2 V. Janíkovázk 0/0/09 4-
PdF:DCJC007Research Internship Abroad V. Janíkováz 0/0/010 --
PdF:DCJC010Presentations at conferences V. Janíkováz 0/0/010 --
63 credits

Povinně volitelné

Cizí jazyk na úrovni B1

Studenti si zapisují z uvedené nabídky jeden cizí jazyk v hodnotě 7 kreditů.

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
PdF:DCJC031Foreign Language on level B1 for Doctoral Study - English S. Hanušovázk 0/0/07 --
PdF:DCJC032Foreign Language on level B1 for Doctoral Study - French V. Bakešovázk 0/0/07 --
PdF:DCJC033Foreign Language on level B1 for Doctoral Study - German M. Janíkzk 0/0/07 --
PdF:DCJC034Foreign Language on level B1 for Doctoral Study - Russian S. Koryčánkovázk 0/0/07 --
28 credits


Studenti si zapisují z uvedené nabídky jeden předměty v hodnotě 10 kreditů.

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
PdF:DCJC011Pragmalinguistics T. Káňazk 0/0/010 --
PdF:DCJC012Sociolinguistics O. Dontcheva-Navrátilovázk 0/0/010 --
20 credits