FF FDKFAkJ Classical Philology
Name in Czech: Classical Philology
doctoral combined
Included in the programme: FF D-KFA_ Classical Philology

Final state doctoral examination and defence of the doctoral thesis

The goal of the doctoral exam is to prove that the student is adequately educated in the field in which they are seeking to gain a degree and that they are sufficiently theoretically prepared for further research. The student will prepare commentary on five topics relating to classical philology and not coinciding with the topic of their dissertation. They will choose these topics in cooperation with their supervisor and then submit them in written form no later than 2 months before the state doctoral exam (each topic spanning ca 4–5 pages, including works cited). During the exam, the candidate will explain and, in the subsequent discussion, defend at least two of these topics based on the wishes of the examination committee – the candidate will be informed about the committee’s choice prior to the exam. The condition for being admitted to the dissertation defence is the submission of a dissertation with all necessary formal requirements as outlined in the “Doctoral thesis” course and being awarded credit for said course by the supervisor.

Requirements of the study

The obligatory courses during the doctoral studies are mainly individual and depend on the dissertation topic. They are primarily concerned with writing the thesis, which represents a comprehensive scholarly publication based on individual research. Students progress from theoretical and methodological preparations and research of sources, through work on individual chapters, to the preparation of the main thesis and text finalization. This is focused on especially in doctoral seminars. The control mechanism for tracking the students' progress is in the form of the following list of milestones:
1) at the end of the second semester, as part of "Ph.D. Seminar 2", every student must hand in an outline of their thesis, prepare bibliography , and relevant methodology;
2) before the end of the fourth semester, every doctoral student must successfully complete the course "Conference Paper 1" (i.e., present a conference paper);
3) before the end of the sixth semester, every doctoral student must hand in an article to be printed in a specialized reviewed scientific journal (approved of by the supervisor), thus completing the course "Scientific publication 1".

Obligations formulated in the individual study plan, in addition to the doctoral courses and the mastery of two foreign languages, include presenting their research by participating in two academic conferences (at least one of them abroad) during their studies and publishing at least one study in a foreign language in a scholarly magazine, as mentioned in milestones above.
Another necessary part of the studies is a stay at a university (or other academic institution) abroad (at least one month), selected with regards to the dissertation topic and the possibility of consulting with foreign experts and doing research on secondary literature. This can be done through Erasmus or other programmes. As part of the compulsory-optional set of requirements, students may elect to prove their scholarship by publishing more papers, broaden their academic competences by taking classes from the faculty’s selection of courses for doctoral students of linguistics and literature, apply for a dean’s grant, teach some courses at the Department of Classical Studies, organize workshops and conferences, take part in more stays, or publish studies or reviews of other works. Students may also choose to enrol in other optional courses, whether those concerned with further exploration of their field of study or those offered to the entire university.

Proposal of dissertation topics and topics of defended dissertations

Užití slovesného způsobu v nepřímých otázkách archaické latiny (https://is.muni.cz/auth/th/dipts/)
Second Sophistic as a Unifying Force in the Greco-Roman World (https://is.muni.cz/auth/th/eze9c/)
Repertoár postav v římské komedii: palliata, togata, atellana, mimus. (https://is.muni.cz/auth/th/tdjle/)
Vznik a vývoj satiry v římské literatuře (https://is.muni.cz/auth/th/v1092/)
Kritika císařů a společnosti ve spisech Apocolocyntosis Divi Claudii a Satyricon

Recommended progress through the study plan

Compulsory courses

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FF:KFCJ1Foreign language 1 D. Urbanováz 0/0/05 3-
FF:KFCJ2Foreign language 2 D. Urbanováz 0/0/05 4-
FF:KFDPPh.D. Dissertation D. Urbanováz 0/0/025 8-
FF:KFDS1Ph.D. Seminar 1 D. Urbanováz 0/2/010 3-
FF:KFDS2Ph.D. Seminar 2 D. Urbanováz 0/2/010 4-
FF:KFDS3Ph.D. Seminar 3 D. Urbanováz 0/2/010 5-
FF:KFDS4Ph.D. Seminar 4 D. Urbanováz 0/2/010 6-
FF:KFDZDoctoral exam D. Urbanovázk 0/0/0- 4-
FF:KFOPScientific publication 1 D. Urbanováz 0/0/010 5-
FF:KFOR1Scientific paper 1 D. Urbanováz 0/0/010 3-
FF:KFOR2Scientific paper 2 D. Urbanováz 0/0/010 5-
FF:KFPV1Textual sources 1 D. Urbanovák 0/0/05 1-
FF:KFPV2Textual sources 2 D. Urbanovák 0/0/05 2-
FF:KFRCReview D. Urbanováz 0/0/05 4-
FF:KFSP1Study stay abroad 1 D. Urbanováz 0/0/010 3-
FF:KFTDDoctoral dissertation thesis D. Urbanováz 0/0/05 8-
FF:KFTMS1Methodologic seminar D. Urbanováz 0/2/05 1-
FF:KFTMS2Methodologic seminar 2 D. Urbanováz 0/2/05 2-
145 credits

Selective courses

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FF:AJ34120Literary Value and Canonicity M. Kaylorzk 0/0/0 Bloková výuka.15 --
FF:AJ34130Constructing the Book, Reconstructing the Text J. Chamonikolasovázk 0/2/010 --
FF:AJ34140Selected Chapters in Literary and Cultural Theory T. Pospíšilzk 0/0/015 --
FF:CJDSL001Corpus linguistics K. Osolsoběz 1/0/0 probíhá formou blokových přednášek.15 --
FF:CJDSL002Critical data analysis I K. Osolsobězk 0/0/015 --
FF:CLDS_a26Methods, analysis and interpretations Z. Fišerzk 0/0/0 blok.15 --
FF:CLDS_a27Intermediality and adaptation P. Bubeníčekzk 0/0/0 blok.15 --
FF:CLDS_a28Theories of Translation for PhD Z. Fišerzk 0/0/0 blok.10 --
FF:KFGPFaculty grant project D. Urbanováz 0/0/010 --
FF:KFSP2Study stay abroad 2 D. Urbanováz 0/0/010 --
FF:KFOMPublication entry: monography/chapter D. Urbanováz 0/0/020 --
FF:KFVPTeaching a course D. Urbanováz 0/2/010 --
FF:LgDEA09Experimental syntax and semantics I. M. Dočekalzk 0/0/015 --
FF:LgDEA10Analytical datawork II M. Dočekalzk 0/0/015 --
FF:LgDM01Methodology of comparative grammar M. Dočekalzk 2/010 --
FF:LgDM02Methods of structural linguistics M. Dočekalzk 2/0/010 --
FF:NARD50Methodology of literary criticism B. Fořtzk 0/0/0 blok.15 --
FF:NARD51Fiction and fictionality B. Fořtzk 0/0/0 blok.15 --
FF:PHDZ1Philosophy for doctoral studies 1 J. Krobz 0/0/0 5x2 hodiny.10 --
FF:PHDZ2Philosophy for doctoral studies 2 J. Krobk 0/0/0 3x2 hodiny za semestr.10 --
260 credits

Elective courses

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FF:KFEXOrganization of excursion D. Urbanováz 0/0/05 --
FF:KFTPWork on dissertation topic D. Urbanováz 0/0/010 --
FF:NJDSL4_31Chapters from the world literature A. Urválekzk 0/0/0 blok.15 --
FF:PGDS00EVResearch Ethics P. Novotnýz 2/4/015 --
45 credits