PdF NHV2Svp Secondary School Teacher Training in Music
Name in Czech: Učitelství hudební výchovy pro základní a střední školy
master's full-time minor, language of instruction: Czech Czech
Included in the programme: PdF N-HV2S Secondary School Teacher Training in Music

Parts of the final state examination and its content

The final state examination in pedagogy and psychology is an aptitude test in which the student demonstrates his/her knowledge of basic pedagogical and psychological disciplines, connects them, integrates them into theoretical contexts and derives practical implications from them. The student prepares for the exam according to the specified areas with support for professional publications (including the results of pedagogical and psychological research) and student portfolio (preparation for lessons, video recordings, written self-reflection, seminar work, portfolio assignments, etc.). Emphasis is placed on a critical grasp of knowledge, their interconnection, relation to the current pedagogical experience of the student and the solution of pedagogical-psychological problems in teaching practice. The exam in pedagogy and psychology is evaluated with one mark.

The content of the field final exam is as follows:
Music education, including subject didactics
The second field, including subject didactics
Thesis defense
Pedagogical-psychological basis for subsequent master's studies
The subjects of the state exam are based on the pillar disciplines of music education and subject didactics.

Structure (parts) of the master's state final examination in Music Education:
1. Diploma thesis defense (if assigned).
2. Oral and practical part:
History of music
Didactics of music education
Broader scientific basis (areas of Introduction to Music Aesthetics, Theory of Art and Music Semiotics, Music Pedagogy, Psychology and Sociology)
Choir mastery (theoretical and practical part)
Instrument playing and voice education

Suggestion of theses topics and the topics of defended theses

Proposal of diploma thesis topics in Music Education:
1. Dances in the works of Czech and world composers
2. Humor in Czech music
3. Use of the work of Brno composers in music education
4. History and present of the National Theater in Brno
5. Musical and high school youth
6. Gymnasia cantant – history and present
7. Organ, piano, harpsichord, clavichord – history and literature of instrument, interpretation, organology
8. Spiritual and liturgical music of the European West
9. Mass culture as a sociological phenomenon of the 20th century
10. Current issues of Czech and world music pedagogy
11. Musical preferences of children and youth
12. Musicality as a issue of music education
13. Methodological issues of music sociological research
14. Value orientation of youth and music
15. Interpretation in the system of musical communication
16. Use of multimedia applications in music education
17. Issues of traditional folk culture and folklore in relation to music education
18. Comparative analyzes of music works of Baroque, Classicism, Romanticism and 20th century
19. Values and evaluation of art work
20. Relationships between different types of art
21. Developmental changes of the music paradigm
22. Mutual relations between individual genres of music
23. Functions of art
24. Artwork reception issues
25. Problems of mass culture from the point of view of general art theory

Selection of successfully completed master's theses written in English:

The Integration of English Language and Music at Lower Secondary Schools with an Emphasis on the Development of Practical Skills, Mgr. Marie Stodůlková, 9.6.2020

Recommended progress through the study plan

Povinné předměty (P+PV 23 kr.)

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
PdF:HV051Instrument playing 1 P. Halaz 0/1/02 1P
PdF:HV052Music Pedagogy, Psychology and Sociology O. Musilz 1/0/02 1P
PdF:HV053Introduction to Music Aesthetics M. Sedláčekzk 1/1/04 1P
PdF:HV062Seminar to Music History 1 M. Košutz 0/2/02 3P
PdF:HV063Relations Between Types of Art M. Sedláčekzk 1/1/04 3-
PdF:HV069Internationalization in Music Education M. Sedláčekz 0/0/0- 2-
PdF:HV257Instrument playing 2 P. Halaz 0/1/02 2P
PdF:HV258Choirmastering V. Richterk 0/2/03 2P
PdF:HV059General Theory of Art and Music Semiotics M. Sedláčekzk 1/1/04 2P
23 credits

Oborové didaktiky (10 kr.)

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
PdF:HV050Didactics of Music Education for Elementary Schools 1 J. Kučerováz 0/2/02 1Z
PdF:hv056Didactics of Music Education for Elementary Schools 2 J. Kučerovázk 0/2/03 2Z
PdF:HV060Didactics of Music Education for Secondary Schools 1 M. Sedláčekz 0/2/02 3Z
PdF:HV066Didactics of Music Education for Secondary Schools 2 M. Sedláčekzk 0/2/03 4Z
10 credits

Praxe (7 kr.)

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
PdF:SZ6093Teaching Practice 1 P. Svojanovskýz 0/0/5 60 hodin.2 1P
PdF:SZ6094Seminar on Teaching Practice P. Svojanovskýz 0/1/0 4x za semestr/90 minut.1 1P
PdF:HV6002Teaching Practice 2 D. Taylorz 0/0/5 60 hodin.2 2P
PdF:HV6003Teaching Practice 3 M. Tomanováz 0/0/5 60 hodin.2 3P
7 credits