FF FBPGpV Pedagogy
Name in Czech: Pedagogika
Bachelor's full-time minor, language of instruction: Czech Czech
Included in the programme: FF B-PG_ Pedagogy

Recommended progress through the study plan

Compulsory courses

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FF:PGB001Key topics of the history of education J. Zounekzk 2/0/06 1Z
FF:PGB002Introduction to Educational Sciences M. Polzk 2/0/06 1Z
FF:PGB003Educational Theories M. Polzk 2/0/06 2Z
FF:PGB004Alternative views on school R. Švaříčekzk 2/0/06 2Z
FF:PGB005Foundations of sociology K. Šeďovázk 2/0/06 3P
FF:PGB006Sociology of Education K. Šeďovázk 1/1/06 4Z
FF:PGB007Foundations of Psychology B. Lazarovázk 0/0/06 1P
FF:PGB009Didactics Z. Šalamounovázk 1/1/06 4Z
FF:PGB010Methodology of Educational Science P. Hlaďozk 1/1/06 3Z
FF:PGB011Methods and Techniques of Pedagogical Research P. Hlaďozk 1/1/06 4Z
FF:PGB201Bachelor`s State Exam J. ZounekSZk 0/0/0- -Z
60 credits