FF FBRLSpVKR Classical Greek language and literature
Name in Czech: Klasický řecký jazyk a literatura
Bachelor's full-time minor
Included in the programme: FF B-RLS Greek and Latin Studies

Parts of the final state examination and its content

The examination is written and oral.
The written part tests the ability to translate a coherent Ancient Greek text using a dictionary and to apply practically the knowledge of Greek morphology and syntax learnt in the courses in Greek grammar and syntax.

The oral part tests the student's competence necessary to read, translate, analyse and interpret ancient Greek texts using texts from Xenophon and Plato. The examination also tests knowledge of the development of Greek literature and a basic understanding of its influence on Roman literature, knowledge of the most important works of ancient literature on the basis of own reading in translation and in original, and a basic familiarity with the historical and social context of the ancient world. Basic knowledge of the methodological procedures applied in classical philology is also an integral part of the examination. The oral examination is linked to the courses Greek Proseminar: Xenophon, Greek Proseminar: Plato Ancient Greek Literature: from Homer to Euripides, Ancient Greek Literature: Attic Prose and the Hellenistic Period and Introduction to the Study of Classical Philology.
More detailed information is given in the IS MU for the course "Bachelor's State Final Examination in Greek Language and Literature".

Recommended progress through the study plan

Povinné předměty (P+PV 60 kr.)

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FF:RLS001Greek Grammar I J. Steklák 2/4/07 1Z
FF:RLS002Greek Grammar II J. Steklák 2/4/07 2Z
FF:RLS003Greek Grammar III J. Franekk 1/1/04 3Z
FF:RLS004Greek Grammar IV J. Steklázk 1/1/06 4Z
FF:RLS005Greek Syntax I J. Franekk 1/1/03 3Z
FF:RLS006Greek Syntax II J. Franekzk 1/1/03 4Z
FF:RLS007Reading Xenophon J. Franekk 0/2/04 3P
FF:RLS008Reading Plato J. Franekk 0/2/04 4P
FF:RLS011Classical Greek Literature: From Homer to Euripides I. Radovák 2/0/04 1Z
FF:RLS012Classical Greek Literature: Attic Prose and Hellenistic Period I. Radovák 2/0/04 2Z
FF:RLS301Roman Literature of the Republic: from Livius Andronicus to Cicero K. Petrovićovák 2/0/04 3Z
FF:RLS302Roman Literature: Augustan and Nero's Age K. Petrovićovázk 2/0/04 4Z
FF:RLS501Introduction to Classical Philology I D. Urbanovák 2/0/03 1Z
FF:RLS502Introduction to Classical Philology II P. Mutlovák 0/1/03 2Z
60 credits