Ph.D. Studies in English 2020/2021 - Spring 2021

Education (Eng.)

Doctoral studies, study mode: full-time, single-subject, language of instruction: English.

Admission Procedures


  • Objectives

    The aim of this doctoral degree study programme is to prepare scholars in the field of education. A graduate of the doctoral study programme in education is qualified to independently carry out highly specialized scholarly and research activities in educational fields. Graduates are equipped with skills and knowledge in basic and more specialized educational disciplines, in the methodology of educational research, designing and conducting empirical research and evaluating its results, in presenting original research findings to the scholarly community, and in cooperating with specialists from other departments both on national and international level.

  • Learning Outcomes

    After successfully completing his/her studies the graduate is able to:

    • demonstrate a deeper knowledge of basic and more specialized educational disciplines
    • demonstrate a deeper knowledge and skills pertaining to the methodology of educational research
    • design and conduct educational research and evaluate its results
    • present the research findings to the scholarly community
    • cooperate with specialists from other departments on national and international levels
  • Occupational Profiles of Graduates

    Graduates of the doctoral degree study programme in education can be a valuable human resource particularly at higher-education institutions, especially departments of educational sciences of faculties of education; at faculties of art and other faculties of similar orientation in the Czech Republic; in various educational organizations and research departments; and in consultancy and managerial organizations.

  • Rules and Conditions for the Creation of a Study Plan

    The doctoral study programme is divided into three modules focusing on philosophy and methodology, specialized disciplines, and language training. During the study programme, students have to pass examinations covering philosophy of science, foreign language, and the methodology of pedagogical or andragogical research, and one examination in a selected pedagogical or andragogical discipline (depending on the topic of the dissertation). The main focus of the study programme is on the individual work of the student and the supervisor; regularly organized joint scientific seminars attended by the doctoral students, supervisors, and guests form an integral part of the programme. The study programme takes four years.

  • Practical Training

    Conducting empirical research is a compulsory component of the study.

  • Goals of Theses

    Students enrol in a doctoral seminar each semester over the course of their studies. At these seminars, students present their dissertation projects at various stages of completion to other doctoral students, supervisors, and guests. Students are also expected to actively participate in scientific conferences and to publish in scholarly periodicals.

    The study programme is governed by the relevant provisions of the Study and Examination Regulations of Masaryk University. Fulfilment of semester requirements is confirmed by the doctoral supervisor in the Semester Evaluation Form which is subsequently passed to the supervisor of the field. Please note that each student is required to earn at least 20 credits for the courses enrolled each semester.

    The study is completed with the defence of the dissertation and a doctoral examination in which the student is asked questions from the field of educational theory and the methodology of educational research posed by the examination board. The focus of the examination questions corresponds to the educational discipline to which the dissertation submitted for defence thematically belongs.

  • Motto

    We create and transfer knowledge.
  • Additional Information

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Education (Eng.)
doctoral degree programme
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P7536 D-PD4 Education (4-years)

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