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Your future starts today! Do you see yourself in a well-paying job, owning a business or managing people? Are you interested in finance and financial markets or how to work in a team or lead one? Do you want to work in a middle or senior management position?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then you’re in the right place. Our Business Management and Finance program is for you!

Together, we will explore business, management, personal finance, financial markets, and investment, and provide you with invaluable practical skills along the way.

Gain a strategic advantage in the labour market

To compete for the best jobs, you need a competitive edge. At the Faculty of Economics and Administration, our flexible mix of study options allows you to develop that edge. Whether you choose to focus on finance or management, our combination of compulsory and elective courses will enable you to aim higher and achieve a significant competitive advantage in the labour market.

Management track

Our Management track will give you with the expertise to excel in business. You wil gain indepth insight into the functioning of businesses, their organizational structures, management, and financing. You will learn important management skills, including time management and how to negotiate with business partners. You will know how to conduct meetings, communicate, and motivate your colleagues effectively.

Finance track

In our Finance track, you will dive deeper into the intricate world of finance. You will understand the functioning of financial markets and financial institutions, discover the world of banking and insurance and acquire critical practical skills in investing and risk management.

Focusing on one track or the other is a mouse click away. Simply tailor your study program by selecting courses marked (M) for the Management track, or (F) for the Finance track.

Is this study programme suitable for you?

  • Do you see yourself in a well-paying job, owning a business or managing people?

  • Are you interested in finance and financial markets or how to work in a team or lead one?

  • Do you want to work in a middle or senior management position?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then you’re in the right place. Our Business Management and Finance program is for you!

Study plans

Admission Procedures
Application procedure into Bachelor's degree programmes in English - Autumn semester 2023/2024
Submission deadline until midnight 15/4/2023

  • Information on entrance examinations designed for this degree programme

    Our Bachelor's degree programmes are open to students who successfully finished secondary school education. Applicants must have a good command of the English language. Please see for complete information on how to apply or contact For application process, the applicant needs to attach the following documents to the e-application:

    1. Complete e-application form - online in Masaryk University Information System
    2. Personal data form
    3. Certified copy of a Secondary School-Leaving Certificate and final transcripts of records
    4. Statement of purpose
    5. English Language Certification
    6. Essay on a chosen topic

    All application materials must be in English or in Czech.

    The tuition fee is 3500 EUR for the academic year.

  • Evaluation criteria valid for the applicants applying for a place on this degree programme
    Information available at:


  • Objectives

    The aim of this program is to prepare highly qualified experts for the performance of various functions. The Alumni will understand the purpose and functioning of the business sphere, especially (industrial and service-providing) enterprise and ifnancial institutions in two major areas:

    1. management, incl. topics related to organizational structure, economy and financing, and

    2. (corporate) finance, incl. accounting and tax consultancy, auditing and financial markets.

    Basic managerial activities form an iportant area of study, including planning, organizing control and leadership, and marketing skills, including mastering tools such as promotion, market analysis and market segmentation.

    Students will also have the opportunity to obtain prestigious ACA and ACCA certifications awarded by the professional organization of accounting and financial specialists. The ACA Certificate certifies high theoretical and practical knowledge in the field and is recognized by a number of international institutions not only in the UK and the Anglophone countries, but also increasingly employers in the Czech Republic.

  • Learning Outcomes

    After successfully completing his/her studies the graduate is able to:

    • understand the theoretical knowledge of business economics and management and apply this knowledge to solving model and practical situations,
    • analyse economic and managerial problems of real organizations and propose feasible, realistic, effective and efficient solutions.
    • productively engage in teamwork in solving model situations,
    • independently perform some activities such as bookkeeping, budgeting, compiling and evaluating budgets, marketing plans, leadership, planning, etc.
    • understand the basic principles of private finance, corporate finance, and international finance incl. financial markets
    • explain the functions and services of commercial banks and insurance companies and to analyse the banking and insurance systems.
    • have a good command of English, both in general and in the field of expertise, oriented to professional terminology,
  • Occupational Profiles of Graduates

    Want a good job? No problem!

    Our regular graduate employment survey shows that 90% of our graduates find a job within 3 months from graduation. Indeed, many of them have (part-time) permanent jobs even during the final phases of their studies.

    Our graduates are recruited for positions in middle management, project management, and as business analysts and consultants. Their solid knowledge and experience in finance also makes them sought after candidates for careers in banking , insurance companies, or working as financial, accounting or tax consultants. If financial instruments are more in line with your vision, look no further. You will be well positioned to win in the financial markets, securities trading and investments, or new emerging phenomena such as cryptocurrencies.

    When you graduate from the Masaryk University Faculty of Economics and Administration, you don’t just get a degree; you get a key to a bright and promising future. You join an alumni of talented and gifted professionals who are transforming the landscape of today’s business environment and that of the future.

  • Practical Training

    Move your studies outside the classroom!

    In addition, you can get credit points and practical experience by working in a chosen company during your studies giving you direct labour market access and the ability to build a solid network.. You can also further internationalize your CV by taking advantage of our extensive range of studies abroad opportunities.

  • Goals of Theses

    Elaboration of the final work of about 30-35 pages (without attachments) should verify the ability of students to apply problem-oriented approach to interest entities (businesses, public and state institutions, non-profit organizations, cities and regions, information systems, etc.), search for necessary set of relevant information, identify and accurately describe problem fields in accordance with acquired theoretical knowledge, determine appropriate methods and procedures for their applied analysis, describe and analyze obtained data and propose specific and typically feasible measures to resolve problem or optimized situations. The focus of the final work and its practical outcomes will be closely linked to the compulsory course of Practice, both content and form will be decided on in cooperation with the supervisor.

  • Access to Further Studies

    Successful completion of the program may help you apply for our continuous Master Degree Programs offered in English (Business Management, Finance) or for similarly oriented Master Degree Programs in the Czech Republic or abroad.

  • Additional Information

Basic information

Bachelor's degree programme
Length of studies
3 years
Language of instruction
English English
Annual tuition fee
3500 €

number of active students

Faculty of Economics and Administration
Programme guaranteed by
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