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  1. BAISA, Vít, Marek BLAHUŠ, Michal CUKR, Ondřej HERMAN, Miloš JAKUBÍČEK, Vojtěch KOVÁŘ, Marek MEDVEĎ, Michal MĚCHURA, Pavel RYCHLÝ a Vít SUCHOMEL. Automating dictionary production: a Tagalog-English-Korean dictionary from scratch. In Proceedings of the 6th Biennial Conference on Electronic Lexicography. Brno, Czech Republic: Lexical Computing CZ s.r.o., 2019. s. 805-818, 14 s. ISSN 2533-5626.
  2. 2018

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  6. 2017

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  11. Lexonomy (software)
    MĚCHURA, Michal. Lexonomy. 2017.
  12. MĚCHURA, Michal. Towards a metadata infrastructure for online dictionaries. In Sixth Meeting of the European Network of e-Lexicography. 2017.
  13. 2016

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  15. MĚCHURA, Michal. European Dictionary Portal. 2016.
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