POKORNÁ, Andrea. How to prevent the ageist stereotypes about seniors – using supervision meetings in nursing education. In FINE Conference and RCN conference 2012. 2012.
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Basic information
Original name How to prevent the ageist stereotypes about seniors – using supervision meetings in nursing education
Name in Czech Jak preventivně postupovat proti ageistickým stereotypům - s využitím supervizních setkání ve výuce ošetřovatelství
Authors POKORNÁ, Andrea.
Edition FINE Conference and RCN conference 2012, 2012.
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Original language English
Type of outcome Conference abstract
Field of Study 30000 3. Medical and Health Sciences
Country of publisher Czech Republic
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Organization unit Faculty of Medicine
Keywords (in Czech) ageismus;diskriminace;supervize;výuky
Keywords in English ageismus;discrimination;supervision;tuitiïon
Tags International impact
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Stereotypes and discrimination are serious problems of the modern society. Not only are the ageist attitudes to the elderly quite common in the lay population, but the problem with stereotyping is common also among health workers and many of them tend to ageism. The best way to prevent stereotyping in the clinical nursing practice is effective educational process focused on the identification of signs of ageism and using preventive strategies. The presentation will provide main educational strategies used in teaching of master students in geriatric nursing (supervision meetings, role modelling, using video based training etc.).
Abstract (in Czech)
Stereotypizacce a ageiistické tendence jsou běžné nejne v populaci laiků, ale i odborníků. V příspěvku je pospán postup prevence ageismu v ošetřovatelské péči, pomocí supervizních setkání.
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