The "Media Ensemble": on construction of media experience in everyday life

MACEK, Jakub. The "Media Ensemble": on construction of media experience in everyday life. In Cyberspace 12: 10th International Conference. 2012.
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Basic information
Original name The "Media Ensemble": on construction of media experience in everyday life
Authors MACEK, Jakub.
Edition Cyberspace 12: 10th International Conference, 2012.
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Original language English
Type of outcome Presentations at conferences
Field of Study Literature, mass media, audio-visual activities
Country of publisher Czech Republic
Confidentiality degree is not subject to a state or trade secret
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Organization unit Faculty of Social Studies
Keywords (in Czech) etnografie nových média; mediální publika; mediální celek; studia nových médií; mediální studia
Keywords in English new media ethnography; media audiences; media ensemble; new media studies; media studies
Tags International impact
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How do people construct the set of media technologies they use in everyday life? Such question seemed to have rather obvious answer in days of "television home". However, a domestication of a variety of new media technologies has changed the "simplicity" of the answer. The multiplicity of media artifacts reveals the fact that people construct a "media ensemble" - a more or less reflexively created, changeable and negotiated structure of media artifacts and communication channels that fulfill their needs and which reflects the moral economy of the family. The presentation introduces the concept "media ensemble" based on Giddens' structuration theory and Silverstone's notion of domestication. The concept and its analytical usefulness is illustrated on data collected in ethnographic research.
EE2.3.20.0184, research and development projectName: Vytvoření interdisciplinárního týmu v oblasti výzkumu internetu a nových médií
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