REKTOROVÁ, Irena, Michal MIKL, J. BARRETT, Radek MAREČEK, Ivan REKTOR and T. PAUS. Functional neuroanatomy of vocalization in patients with Parkinson's disease. JOURNAL OF THE NEUROLOGICAL SCIENCES. AMSTERDAM: ELSEVIER SCIENCE BV, 2012, vol. 313, 1-2, p. 7-12. ISSN 0022-510X. doi:10.1016/j.jns.2011.10.020.
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Basic information
Original name Functional neuroanatomy of vocalization in patients with Parkinson's disease
Authors REKTOROVÁ, Irena (203 Czech Republic, guarantor, belonging to the institution), Michal MIKL (203 Czech Republic, belonging to the institution), J. BARRETT (124 Canada), Radek MAREČEK (203 Czech Republic, belonging to the institution), Ivan REKTOR (203 Czech Republic, belonging to the institution) and T. PAUS (124 Canada).
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Original language English
Type of outcome Article in a journal
Field of Study 30000 3. Medical and Health Sciences
Country of publisher Netherlands
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Impact factor Impact factor: 2.243
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Organization unit Faculty of Medicine
UT WoS 000299978800002
Keywords in English Parkinson's disease; Hypokinetic dysarthria; Speech production; Vocalization; fMRI; Functional connectivity; Periaqueductal gray matter; Auditory feedback
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In Parkinson's disease (PD) both speech production and self-monitoring of voiced speech are altered. Methods: In our previous study we used functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to examine which brain areas are involved in overt reading in nine female PD patients (mean age 66.0 +/- 11.6 years) compared with eight age-matched healthy female controls (mean age 62.2 years +/- 12.3). Here we performed the posthoc seed-based functional connectivity analysis of our data to assess the functional connectivity between the periaqueductal gray matter (PAG; i.e. the core subcortical structure involved in human vocalization) and other brain regions in the same groups of PD patients and controls. Results: In PD patients as compared with controls we observed increased connectivity between PAG and basal ganglia, posterior superior temporal gyrus, supramarginal and fusiform gyri and inferior parietal lobule on the right side. In the PD group, the connectivity strength in the right putamen and the right sypramarginal gyrus was correlated with variability of pitch while the connectivity strength in the right posterior superior temporal gyrus and in the right inferior parietal lobule was correlated with speech loudness. Conclusion: We observed functional reorganization in PD patients as compared with controls in both the motor basal ganglia-thalamo-cortical circuitry and cortical areas known to be engaged in-auditory and somatosensory feedback control of voiced speech. These changes were hemisphere-specific and might either reflect effects of dopaminergic treatment or at least partially successful compensatory mechanisms involved in early-stage PD.
MSM0021622404, plan (intention)Name: Vnitřní organizace a neurobiologické mechanismy funkčních systémů CNS
Investor: Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the CR, The internal organisation and neurobiological mechanisms of functional CNS systems under normal and pathological conditions.
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