TURCSÁNYI, Richard. Thai-Cambodian Conflict: Approaching the Final Stage at Preah Vihear? In SEA Studies Symposium 2014. 2014.
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Základní údaje
Originální název Thai-Cambodian Conflict: Approaching the Final Stage at Preah Vihear?
Autoři TURCSÁNYI, Richard.
Vydání SEA Studies Symposium 2014, 2014.
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Typ výsledku Prezentace na konferencích
Utajení není předmětem státního či obchodního tajemství
Klíčová slova anglicky Preah Vihear; Thailand; Cambodia; ASEAN; territorial conflict
Příznaky Mezinárodní význam
Změnil Změnil: Ing. Mgr. Richard Turcsányi, Ph.D., učo 171930. Změněno: 25. 3. 2014 23:46.
The presentation dealt with the conflict between Thailand and Cambodia over Preah Vihear temple and surrounding areas. Firstly, historical legacies of the conflict were shortly presented as a background to the dispute, including the original judgment of ICJ in 1962. Secondly, it was established that the escalation of conflict in 2008 was not the result of a mutual misunderstanding rather than of deliberate policies of politicians at both sides to exploit the case for domestic political goals. Thirdly, the final decision on interpretation of original judgment by ICJ was analyzed and discussed from the perspective of ASEAN. Finally, I analyzed the role of ASEAN, which has been widely criticized for failing to address the conflict between its two member states.
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