SOJKA, Petr. Towards a Meaning-Aware Information Retrieval (invited talk 8.12.2014, NII, Tokyo, Japan). In Wikipedia Math-2 subtask meeting NTCIR-11. 2014.
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Basic information
Original name Towards a Meaning-Aware Information Retrieval (invited talk 8.12.2014, NII, Tokyo, Japan)
Authors SOJKA, Petr (203 Czech Republic, guarantor, belonging to the institution).
Edition Wikipedia Math-2 subtask meeting NTCIR-11, 2014.
Other information
Original language English
Type of outcome Requested lectures
Field of Study 10201 Computer sciences, information science, bioinformatics
Country of publisher Czech Republic
Confidentiality degree is not subject to a state or trade secret
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RIV identification code RIV/00216224:14330/14:00077752
Organization unit Faculty of Informatics
Keywords (in Czech) strukturní vyhledávání;TeX;EuDML;digitální knihovny;DML-CZ;MIaS
Keywords in English structure-aware search;mathematics knowledge management;TeX;EuDML;digital libraries;DML-CZ
Tags International impact
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Keyword based information retrieval (IR) has became prevalent in our daily searching. Mainstream tools and technologies are being developed to index and retrieve information given bag of words only, dropping structured information as mathematical formulae or narrative structure of documents alltogether. On the example of math-aware (tree indexing) information retrieval (MIR) we will demonstrate an approach that has been recently evaluated for MIR as best amongst available prototypes. We discuss our approaches and results achieved in Wikipedia subtask at NTCIR-11. We outline possible approaches towards IR that is even meaningful.
LG13010, research and development projectName: Zastoupení ČR v European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics (Acronym: ERCIM-CZ)
Investor: Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the CR
250503, interní kód MUName: The European Digital Mathematics Library (Acronym: EuDML)
Investor: European Union
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