NEČAS, David, Ivan OHLÍDAL, Daniel FRANTA, Miloslav OHLÍDAL, Vladimír ČUDEK and Jiří VODÁK. Measurement of thickness distribution, optical constants, and roughness parameters of rough nonuniform ZnSe thin films. Applied Optics. USA: Optical Society of America, 2014, vol. 53, No 25, p. 5606-5614. ISSN 1559-128X. doi:10.1364/AO.53.005606.
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Basic information
Original name Measurement of thickness distribution, optical constants, and roughness parameters of rough nonuniform ZnSe thin films
Authors NEČAS, David (203 Czech Republic, guarantor, belonging to the institution), Ivan OHLÍDAL (203 Czech Republic, belonging to the institution), Daniel FRANTA (203 Czech Republic, belonging to the institution), Miloslav OHLÍDAL (203 Czech Republic), Vladimír ČUDEK (203 Czech Republic, belonging to the institution) and Jiří VODÁK (203 Czech Republic).
Edition Applied Optics, USA, Optical Society of America, 2014, 1559-128X.
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Original language English
Type of outcome Article in a journal
Field of Study 10306 Optics
Country of publisher United States of America
Confidentiality degree is not subject to a state or trade secret
Impact factor Impact factor: 1.784
RIV identification code RIV/00216224:14740/14:00073332
Organization unit Central European Institute of Technology
UT WoS 000341644300005
Tags kontrola MP, MP, podil, rivok
Tags International impact, Reviewed
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Epitaxial ZnSe thin films exhibiting two important defects, i.e., boundary roughness and thickness nonuniformity, prepared on GaAs substrates, are optically characterized using a combination of variable-angle spectroscopic ellipsometry, spectroscopic near-normal reflectometry, and imaging spectroscopic reflectometry (ISR). The influence of boundary roughness is incorporated into optical quantity formulas by the Rayleigh-Rice theory. Thickness nonuniformity is included using averaging of the unnormalized Mueller matrices. The dispersion model of the optical constants of the ZnSe films is based on parametrization of the joint density of electronic states. Very thin overlayers represented by thin films with identically rough boundaries are taken into account on the upper boundaries of the ZnSe films. Standard optical techniques are used to determine the spectral dependencies of the optical constants of the ZnSe films, together with the parameters of roughness and thickness nonuniformity. ISR is then used to find the maps of the local thickness and local rms value of height irregularities. The values of roughness parameters, determined using the standard techniques and ISR, are verified by a comparison with results obtained by atomic force microscopy. (C) 2014 Optical Society of America
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