MACHÁČOVÁ, Irma. DOES SURVEYTAINMENT BELONG TO B2B MARKET RESEARCH? (AICBMM 2015 (Oxford) Conference). Oxford: FLE Learning Ltd, 2016. p. 127-136. ISBN 978-0-9930368-8-0.
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Basic information
Name (in English) AICBMM 2015 (Oxford) Conference
Authors MACHÁČOVÁ, Irma.
Edition Oxford, p. 127-136, 10 pp. 2016.
Publisher FLE Learning Ltd
Other information
Type of outcome Proceedings paper
Confidentiality degree is not subject to a state or trade secret
Publication form electronic version available online
ISBN 978-0-9930368-8-0
Keywords in English surveytainment, gamification, B2B research, survey design, questionnaire
Tags International impact
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This article summarises results of quantitative online experimental B2B research that tested effects of gamification and surveytainment on respondents’ survey experience and data quali ty. Gamification and surveytainment are presumed to counter the declining engagement of survey participants and thus help in improving data quality. However, they have been tested mainly in B2C research and there is a debate on whether they can distort dat a and are appropriate even for B2B projects. The results of our experiment showed that surveytainment and gamification had no effect on data quality, but it also did not influence perceived enjoyability and had a negative effect on perceived length of the questionnaire. But despite this, those who have experienced a new type of questionnaire would strongly prefer it in future. As surveytainment and gamification have experienced a boom in popularity, B2B researchers have to face this trend. Our experiment i s one of the first published in this area.
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