BALÍK, Stanislav. Local corruption in the Czech Republic : Does size matter? In Jonathan Mendilow, Éric Phélippeau (eds.). Political Corruption in a World in Transition. Wilmington: Vernon press, 2019. p. 123-137. Series in politics. ISBN 978-1-62273-332-3.
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Original name Local corruption in the Czech Republic : Does size matter?
Authors BALÍK, Stanislav (203 Czech Republic, guarantor, belonging to the institution).
Edition Wilmington, Political Corruption in a World in Transition, p. 123-137, 15 pp. Series in politics, 2019.
Publisher Vernon press
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ISBN 978-1-62273-332-3
Keywords in English Corruption; Local Politics; Czech Republic
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This chapter argues clearly A. that what is considered corrupt in the larger, anonymous communities of the city may not be considered corrupt where wider interests are involved and the small, intimate community, has greater control over decision making and B. that this is both a result and a signpost to the kind of transition that the Czech Republic has undergone (and is still in the midst of). The chapter takes the Czech Republic as an interesting case, given the position of the country in Europe and the shifts it had experienced in the last thirty years.
GA15-22754S, research and development projectName: Kvalita demokracie: Česká republika v komparativní perspektivě
Investor: Czech Science Foundation, Standard Projects
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