ČERNÁ, Markéta and Radovan ŠIKL. Příběh československé psychologie v rozhovorech. In Sociální procesy a osobnost 2020. 2021.
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Basic information
Original name Příběh československé psychologie v rozhovorech
Name in Czech Příběh československé psychologie v rozhovorech
Authors ČERNÁ, Markéta and Radovan ŠIKL.
Edition Sociální procesy a osobnost 2020, 2021.
Other information
Original language Czech
Type of outcome Presentations at conferences
Country of publisher Czech Republic
Confidentiality degree is not subject to a state or trade secret
Keywords (in Czech) orální historie; česká psychologie; slovenská psychologie; psychologie v Československu; osobnosti; vzpomínky; dějiny psychologie
Keywords in English Oral history; czech psychology; slovak psychology; psychology in the Czechoslovakia; personalities; memories; history of psychology
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Abstract (in English)
The project " Creators of contemporary Czech psychology", supported by the grant agency of the Czech Republic (19-11117S, 2019-2021), processes the stories of post-war Czechoslovak psychology from the oral history perspective. Within the project, 20 interviews were conducted with living important personalities of the field, who co-created its form and participated at its level. Memories and comments of nestors set in a broader context of context the basic basis for understanding the "spirit of the times". At present, it offers in Slovakia an equivalent project "Creators of contemporary Slovak Psychology", supported by the grant agency Vega (1/0238/20, 2020-2021), with a similar content. The outputs of both projects will be a series of books to be published this year and next in the Portal publishing house.
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