GRUSKA, Jozef. New challenges for theoretical informatics (New challenges for theoretical informatics). In IFIP TCS2000. 1st ed. Berlkin-Heidelberg: Springer Verlag, 2000. p. 599-600. 1872. ISBN ?????????????
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Basic information
Original name New challenges for theoretical informatics
Authors GRUSKA, Jozef.
Edition 1. vyd. Berlkin-Heidelberg, IFIP TCS2000, p. 599-600, 1872, 2000.
Publisher Springer Verlag
Other information
Original language English
Type of outcome Proceedings paper
Field of Study 10000 1. Natural Sciences
Country of publisher Germany
Confidentiality degree is not subject to a state or trade secret
RIV identification code RIV/00216224:14330/00:00002796
Organization unit Faculty of Informatics
ISBN ?????????????
Keywords in English challenges; theeoretical informatics; quantum computing
Tags challenges, Quantum computing, theeoretical informatics
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Proceedings of first IFIP TC1 conference
GA201/98/0369, research and development projectName: Informatika jako třetí metodologie
Investor: Czech Science Foundation, Informatics as the third methodology
MSM 143300001, plan (intention)Name: Nesekvenční modely výpočtů - kvantové a souběžné distribuované modely výpočetních procesů
Investor: Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the CR, Non-sequential Models of Computing -- Quantum and Concurrent Distributed Models of Computing
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