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KUČERA, Igor. Řešené úlohy z enzymologie (Solved problems in enzymology). Brno: Rektorát UJEP, 1987. 121 pp.
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Basic information
Original name Řešené úlohy z enzymologie
Name (in English) Solved problems in enzymology
Authors KUČERA, Igor.
Edition Brno, 121 pp. 1987.
Publisher Rektorát UJEP
Other information
Original language Czech
Type of outcome Book on a specialized topic
Field of Study 10600 1.6 Biological sciences
Country of publisher Czech Republic
Confidentiality degree is not subject to a state or trade secret
Organization unit Faculty of Science
Keywords in English enzymology; enzyme kinetics
Tags enzyme kinetics, enzymology
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Sbírka 108 řešených příkladů enzymologických úloh s experimentálními údaji z originální literatury.
Abstract (in English)
A collection of 108 solved examples of enzymological problems with the experimental data from the original literature.
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