TRÁVNÍČEK, Jiří. Saying "postmodern" in the 1990s. Wien: Wiener Slawistisches Jahrbuch. Band 46. 2000.
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Basic information
Original name Saying "postmodern" in the 1990s
Name (in English) Saying "postmodern" in the 1990s
Authors TRÁVNÍČEK, Jiří.
Edition Wien, Wiener Slawistisches Jahrbuch, 2000.
Other information
Type of outcome Article in a journal
Confidentiality degree is not subject to a state or trade secret
Organization unit Faculty of Arts
Keywords in English postmodernism; Czech culture; 1990s
Tags 1990s, Czech culture, Postmodernism
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postmodernism, Czech culture, 1990s, typlogy
Abstract (in English)
postmodernism, Czech culture, 1990s, typlogy
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