DOČEKAL, Mojmír. Formální sémantika adnominálního genitivu (Formal semantics of adnominal genitive). In Čeština -- univerzália a specifika, 5. Praha: NLN, 2004. p. 276-287, 10 pp. ISBN 80-7106-659-1.
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Basic information
Original name Formální sémantika adnominálního genitivu
Name (in English) Formal semantics of adnominal genitive
Authors DOČEKAL, Mojmír (203 Czech Republic, guarantor).
Edition Praha, Čeština -- univerzália a specifika, 5, p. 276-287, 10 pp. 2004.
Publisher NLN
Other information
Original language Czech
Type of outcome Proceedings paper
Field of Study 60200 6.2 Languages and Literature
Country of publisher Czech Republic
Confidentiality degree is not subject to a state or trade secret
Organization unit Faculty of Arts
ISBN 80-7106-659-1
Keywords in English formal semantics; noun phrases
Tags formal semantics, noun phrases
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Cílem tohoto článku je popsat sémantiku spojení dvou jmen. Zkoumám povahu argumentové struktury českých jmen, jejich syntax a sémantiku.
Abstract (in English)
The whole goal of this article is clear from its name. How to compute meaning of two names, which are composed syntactically. What is the nature of czech noun argument structure (in those so called ultranouns) and how it works with syntax. The main aim of this article is to bring together formal semantics with formal syntax.
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