KMUNÍČEK, Jan, Daniel KOUŘIL and Luděk MATYSKA. VOCE - Central European Production Grid Service. Geneve, Switzerland: EGEE User Forum, 2006. Poster session.
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Basic information
Original name VOCE - Central European Production Grid Service
Name in Czech VOCE - stredoevropske produkcni gridove prostredi
Authors KMUNÍČEK, Jan, Daniel KOUŘIL and Luděk MATYSKA.
Edition Geneve, Switzerland, Poster session, 2006.
Publisher EGEE User Forum
Other information
Original language English
Type of outcome Audiovisual works
Field of Study 10201 Computer sciences, information science, bioinformatics
Country of publisher Czech Republic
Confidentiality degree is not subject to a state or trade secret
Organization unit Institute of Computer Science
Keywords in English grid; VO; grid newcomers; grid training; VOCE; EGEE
Tags EGEE, GRID, grid newcomers, grid training, VO, VOCE
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This poster describes a grid environment of the Virtual Organization for Central Europe (VOCE). VOCE infrastructure currently consists of computational resources and storage capacities provided by Central European resource owners. Unlike majority of other virtual organizations VOCE tends to be generic VO providing application neutral environment especially suitable for Grid newcomers allowing them to get quickly first experience with Grid computing and to test and evaluate Grid environment towards their specific application needs. VOCE facilities currently provide base for Central European t-infrastructure. The main goal of VOCE is to assist in adapting a software for use on a fully production Grid, not within a closed "teaching" environment, even for applications that do not have any Grid / cluster /remote computing experience. The VOCE application neutrality can be seen as an important feature that allows to provide an environment where different application requirements meet and expectations are to be fulfilled. All technical aspects related to the supported middleware (LCG, gLite), computing environments (MPI support), specific user interface support (Charon and P-GRADE portal) will be discussed and preliminary users experiences evaluated.
Abstract (in Czech)
Tento poster popisuje gridove prostredi Virtualni organizace pro Stredni Evropu (VOCE). Infrastruktura VOCE je tvorena vypocetnimi zdroji a uloznymi kapacitami poskytovanymi vlastniky techto zdroju v regionu Stredni Evropy.
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