KMUNÍČEK, Jan and Daniel KOUŘIL. Central European Grid Infrastructure for Generic Applications. In 2nd Austrian Grid Symposium. Innsbruck, Austria: Ossterreichische Computer Gesellschaft, 2007. p. 131-142.
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Basic information
Original name Central European Grid Infrastructure for Generic Applications
Name in Czech Středoevropská gridová infrastruktura pro podporu obecných aplikací
Authors KMUNÍČEK, Jan and Daniel KOUŘIL.
Edition Innsbruck, Austria, 2nd Austrian Grid Symposium, p. 131-142, 12 pp. 2007.
Publisher Ossterreichische Computer Gesellschaft
Other information
Type of outcome Proceedings paper
Confidentiality degree is not subject to a state or trade secret
Organization unit Institute of Computer Science
Tags International impact, Reviewed
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Grid computing as new paradigm of distributed computing is currently seen as major enabler of fulfilling up to date science research requirements demanding extreme computing power and/or large storage capacities. This has led to formation of the worldwide research infrastructure available for everyday scientific work providing access to massive computational/data resources. These resources are geographically dispersed, span multiple trust domains and are heterogenous. They can be dynamically contributed by different owner institutions, thus forming virtual pools accessible to users showing the appropriate credentials. This article describes VOCE - Virtual Organization for Central Europe - a grid production infrastructure available for researchers from the Central European region.
Abstract (in Czech)
Popis aktualniho stavu a nabizenych sluzeb v ramci VOCE (Virtualni Organizace pro Stredni Evropu)
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